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Royax looks to go global from Gothenburg

21 April 2023
Abbas Bafkar, managing director of Royax in Sweden.
With new operations in Gothenburg, medical equipment company Royax has its sights set on expansion. The company is looking to grow its business in Sweden, northern Europe and beyond.

Royax, which is headquartered in the Czech Republic, was founded in 2010. It specializes in designing and manufacturing emergency medical equipment, in particular patient transport equipment, various types of ambulances and tailor-made mobile clinics. It is the owner of over 20 patents over stretchers, including a technology that reduces the weight of patients by up to 80 kilograms – and hence the effort required by paramedics. During 2022 it established operations in Gothenburg.    

The Swedish subsidiary is headed by entrepreneur Abbas Bafkar. In 2009, he founded another medical equipment company in Sweden, Trionara Technologies, which grew quickly. It was a learning experience for Abbas, and it helped him to understand the advantages and long-term gains of having operations in Gothenburg.

“In Sweden, you may have higher costs for establishing your business than in some other regions, and even higher taxes, but at the end of the day, you will be the winner if you have the right business idea and plan. The Swedish brand, logo and worldwide credibility will bring about more value added to your business. At the same time Sweden offers a high standard of life quality for yourself and the family,” says Abbas Bafkar, managing director of Royax Sweden, who relocated from Iran to Gothenburg in 2012.  

In the case of Royax, he met with Iris Öhrn, our life science investment advisor, at a very early stage. Among other things, she helped him to build the business case and to get acquainted with the local innovation ecosystem.

“She is a very knowledgeable contact. We got a lot of new data and facts about why to invest in Gothenburg and expand our operations here. After our studies were completed, the decision was made by the mother company, and Royax Sweden was officially registered in Gothenburg in March 2022. We are still working with Iris, receiving support for development, marketing and sales opportunities, and finding the right contacts etc.” says Abbas. 

Iris Öhrn (left), our investment advisor for life science who has been supporting Royax with its investment in Sweden.

Gothenburg – a base for global expansion 

Via the Swedish subsidiary, Abbas says that Royax is determined to penetrate into more markets worldwide where the mother company has not entered. Among other things, the company is very interested in utilizing some of the resources and platforms in Sweden that facilitate exports and international trade, including the Swedish EPC Alliance (the global trade initiative facilitated by Business Sweden), Exportkreditnämnden and Svensk Exportkredit. 

“Swedish companies are currently playing a key role in efforts aimed at ensuring the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, especially in less developed economies in Africa, MENA region and South Asia. We believe our products are a cost-effective complement to the Swedish offerings,” says Abbas. 

Royax is also exploring the viability of moving some parts of its production to Sweden. One of the reasons for this is Gothenburg’s port, the largest in Scandinavia, which has direct routes to North America, India, Middle East and Asia. The port is a key reason why Gothenburg is such a dominant hub for logistics in Sweden.

Tailor-made investment advisory services

“We try to offer tailored-made support to our clients,” says Iris Öhrn, investment advisor for life science, who has been assisting Royax in Gothenburg. 

“An investment decision takes a long time and, in many cases, demands large investments and risks from a company. It also takes time to enter the healthcare system, develop long-term partnerships with local players or get the financial support that sometimes is needed for an expansion. We try to follow the company from establishment to business case and expansion.”

Business Region Göteborg offers a palette of services to international companies who want to invest in the Gothenburg region - from understanding the market and building a business case to connecting companies with potential business and collaboration partners. The services are free of charge and our aim is make the investment process as smooth and effective as possible and help companies leverage the advantages that Gothenburg offers.   

“We want to create a diverse industry in the region. Foreign companies contribute to the regional economic growth through diversification, technology upgrading and access to new markets and supply chains. They generate positive spill overs to domestic firms,” explains Iris Öhrn.


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Iris Öhrn
Investment Advisor
Area of work: Life Science Establishment Foreign direct investments
Area of concern: Establish and invest


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