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Life science

Life science is one of Gothenburg’s fastest-growing sectors and major investments are taking place. The region is home to Scandinavia’s largest university hospital and one of AstraZeneca’s three globally strategic R&D centres. Here you’ll find a talented workforce, an ethos of collaboration and a proven ecosystem for innovation. 



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Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s leading life science regions. It has a strong and international R&D community, where innovations such as mind-controlled arm prosthetics, personalised implants, 3D bioprinters and assistive technologies are being developed.  

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The region has a complete ecosystem including recognised universities, incubators, science parks and testbeds. And with a successful tradition of entrepreneurship and collaboration, innovations are being translated into economic growth.  

AstraZeneca is the region’s largest life science employer with around 2,500 employees. At the heart of its facility also lies the BioVentureHub where promising biotech, medtech and e-health companies are based and collaborate closely with the pharma giant. 

Other major companies headquartered or operating in Gothenburg include Essity, Dentsply-Sirona, Mölnlycke Healthcare, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions, Cellink, BICO Group and Mediq. 

Gothenburg is a hotbed of innovation. There's a highly qualified workforce, other multinational companies on hand and good transportation. Most people speak English, you're part of the EU … yes, there are many very good reasons.
Steven Gallagher, Vice President Business Development & Political Affairs Europe at Cerner

Areas of strength and opportunity 

Gothenburg is the leading centre for clinical trials in Sweden. It is home to strong clusters in pharmaceuticals, personal wound and care, biomaterials and anatomical reconstructions, medical technology, in vitro fertilisation and transplantation. 

Some of our fastest-growing areas are healthtech, imaging technologies, biotech and medical devices.

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Each year, Gothenburg hosts one of Europe’s leading eHealth events, Vitalis, which attracts around 5,000 participants from all over the world. Photo: Vitalis

Gothenburg’s strong ICT and engineering capabilities are enabling the rapid growth in healthtech. The area is high on the agenda and Sweden's vision is to be the world leader in digitised health care and e-health solutions by 2025. Healthtech is also a focus area of Sahlgrenska Science Park.  

Overall, there are good opportunities to engage with local venture capitalists, business angels or public players for co-investments. Gothenburg also welcomes companies that are interested in cooperating with internationally renowned science partners or want to team up with research institutes. To learn more, contact Iris Öhrn, investment advisor for life science at Business Region Göteborg.

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of Sweden's private R&D investments are made in Gothenburg's county

Attracting major investments 

In recent years many companies and organisations have chosen to establish or expand operations in Gothenburg. A few examples are Dentsply-Sirona, Fosun Pharma, AstraZeneca, Cellink and General Electric as well as The Swedish Research Institute (RISE) and Clinical Studies Sweden.  

In the coming years, EUR 300 million will be invested in Sahlgrenska Life, a unique clinical research environment that will further strengthen the collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry. Nearby, EUR 350 million will also be invested in expanding the life science and health cluster in Mölndal, Gothenburg. Located next to AstraZeneca’s research facility, a new "neighbourhood" is being built with space for up to 7,000 people and 350 companies, with the first tenants moving in 2021.  

In the heart of the nordics

With expanding clusters and cutting-edge collaboration, Gothenburg is well positioned in a transforming industry.

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Life science database

Need insight to the companies and organisations in the Gothenburg region's life science sector?

If you need a partner or is just interested in getting to know the life science sector in our region we offer a full directory to the companies and organisations established here. 

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Resources & support

Here is just a small sample of the networks, organisations and science parks that are part of our life science ecosystem. Please contact us if you would like more information. 

  • Sahlgrenska Science Park helps entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their business ideas into international growth companies. 
  • Medtech West is a network and collaborative platform for research, education, development and evaluation of new biomedical concepts and technologies. 
  • BioVentureHub is an initiative where AstraZeneca offers emerging biotech/medtech companies the opportunity to co-locate, use its facilities and cooperate. 
  • Gothia Forum acts as a meeting place and a resource for everyone working with clinical research in the region. 
  • Chalmers Ventures provides financing and support for technology-based business concepts and growth companies. 
  • GU Ventures provides financing and support for projects and companies that are spawned by the University of Gothenburg. 
  • Health Tech Arena is a business and knowledge network for commercialising biotechnology, medical devices, eHealth, health technology and pharmaceuticals.  
  • Innovation Platform is part of Region Västra Götaland, which is responible for healthcare in West Sweden. It acts as a key link between businesses and healthcare.  
  • AI Innovation of Sweden is a hub for AI-related research and innovation, involving partners from industry and academia, where teams will have the opportunity to co-locate and share ideas, data and resources. 

We are here to help


If you are considering establishing, expanding or innovating in the region, our industry experts can provide you with information, contacts and advice. Contact us today.

Iris Öhrn
Investment Advisor
Area of work: Life Science Establishment
Area of concern: Establish and invest
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