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Urban development

With a focus on sustainable development, Gothenburg is expanding and the city is densifying. An estimated EUR 100 billion will be invested in property developments and infrastructure between 2016 and 2035. The opportunities for investors and actors in urban development and construction are tremendous.

Gothenburg is on a new path towards becoming a more sustainable and interconnected city. The region is bustling with development projects, many of which are in ideal city locations. 

One such project is RiverCity, where former shipyard areas in the heart of Gothenburg are being given a revival and new city areas are emerging. With 5 million sqm being developed, including 25,000 apartments and workplaces for 50,000 people, it’s the largest urban development project in Scandinavia. One of the landmark features is the skyscraper Karlatornet, which is scheduled for completion in 2024. At 246 metres-tall, it is set to become the Nordic countries' tallest building.

River City
River City, Scandinavia's largest urban development programme located in Central Gothenburg

Exciting development projects

Many other exciting projects are also underway or planned both in and around Gothenburg. In the city's Gårda area, for example, new skyscrapers are changing the skyline; while just east of Gothenburg a new sustainable town with 10,000 homes will be built from scratch. 

In total, an estimated 105,000 homes and large volumes of commercial space will be built across the Gothenburg region between 2016 and 2035. 

The Nordic countries' tallest building
Gothenburg is carrying out a large-scale urban expansion. Expertise, innovative solutions and collaboration are needed to keep driving progress towards a sustainable city.
Pär Abrahamsson, investment advisor for urban development and logistics

A fast growing region

During the last 10 years, Gothenburg has grown. A lot.

In Gothenburg well-functioning logistics and transport are already in place. The city is also investing heavily in infrastructure projects and public transportation – to meet the demands of tomorrow. A new tunnel under the Göta River, Marieholm Tunnel, opened in December 2020 and a new bridge in the city centre, Hising Bridge, opened in May 2021. In the coming years Gothenburg will have a new rail tunnel under the central city (West Link). 

Green Gothenburg Virtual Tour overview

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour and see some of Gothenburg's energy-efficient and innovative buildings.

VR-tour (can be enjoyed with or without VR glasses)

Opportunities for innovative companies 

Gothenburg’s extensive plans demand not only major investments but also innovative and sustainable solutions. This presents opportunities for investors and businesses offering everything from smart energy solutions and ideas within traffic systems to different types of housing. 

Businesses and academia are also encouraged to use the city as a test arena for new ideas. More and more exciting urban and innovation development projects are underway. One such project currently underway is Gothenburg Green City Zone, a area of the city where new technology for both vehicles and infrastructure are being tested with the aim of achieving emission-free transport by 2030. Another example is HSB Living Lab, where students and researchers live inside a dynamic building in order to test innovations and technical solutions intended for next-generation housing. Another valuable asset for companies is Johanneberg Science Park, a collaboration arena for academia, public actors and the private sector, which drives national and international innovation projects and tests new solutions.

We are here to help

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Pär Abrahamsson
Investment Advisor Urban Development
Area of work: Urban development
Area of concern: Establish and invest
Maria Strömberg
Director Cluster & Innovation
Area of work: Cluster development Innovation Cleantech
Area of concern: Management team Business development and financing