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Knowledge and solutions are never far away in Gothenburg. We welcome decision-makers in the public and private sectors seeking collaborations and smart solutions for a sustainable future.

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Collaboration enables businesses to be more innovative and successful than they could be on their own. Gothenburg offers a vibrant business ecosystem and proximity to cutting-edge innovation hubs. Collaborating companies in Gothenburg are unlocking new opportunities, driving innovation, and positioning themselves as leaders in today's dynamic global marketplace. Join us where talent, drive and opportunities meet.

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Are you a decision-maker in the public or private sector seeking smart solutions for a sustainable future. We can provide you expertise, inspiration and useful business contacts. Contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

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We believe that the power to innovate is strengthened and innovations are driven forward when companies, public sector and research actors within academia and institutes collaborate.

Gothenburg has a long tradition of broad collaborations. Several joint initiatives – everything from testing new electric bus lines to exploring sustainable living – have defined Gothenburg as a place where ideas take root. Gothenburg has become a place where we create effective paths towards sustainable and innovative solutions.

- Linda Emilsson, Group Manager, Business Region Göteborg


Master of collaboration

The unique spirit of collaboration between business, academia, and the public sector has become one of the Gothenburg region's unique selling points. We have a long tradition of different organisations collaborating to address different challenges. 

In Gothenburg you will find innovative companies, testbeds, science parks, innovation laboratories, networks, and meeting places that allow people with knowledge and expertise in different areas to meet, do business and develop new solutions.

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Successful collaboration requires ways of bringing the right players together. Find out more about collaboration opportunities in the Gothenburg region.

Study tours

Gothenburg is a global front-runner in sustainability. We showcase smart solutions in tailored programs for your needs. Our study tours focus on smart transport and mobility as well as urban development. Contact us to discuss a tailored program. We offer both physical and digital programs.

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Virtual tours

Take a virtual journey and get a glimpse of some of the solutions Gothenburg has to offer. Explore innovative and energy efficient buildings, smart and sustainable transport and mobility solutions.

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The Gothenburg region has plenty of companies that provide solutions for smart and sustainable cities in our database. Find out more about them through Smart City Sweden's databse. 

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Best practices

We believe that knowledge and smart solutions should be shared. Find some of the smartest and sustainable city solutions in the region. 

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A testbed is a first-rate way of mitigating potential risks posed by your product or idea by verifying or refuting it early on in the process. You will find over 60 testbeds in the Gothenburg region. Join us and test your products and services using virtual reality, laboratories, simulated environments, or even out in the city.

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Science parks

Gothenburg’s science parks are important components of the region’s innovation ecosystem. They offer cooperation-friendly environments perfect for initiating testbeds and collaborations among other things.

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Key sectors

If you are considering finding new collaborations in the region, our industry experts can provide you with information, contacts and advice. Find out more about our key sectors and get in touch.

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Gothenburg Green City Zone

In Gothenburg Green City Zone we're creating an entirely new emission-free transport system. It's a test zone where we highlight solutions, welcome innovation, and work togheter to find innovative solutions. Follow our epic journey. 

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Platform for climate-neutral construction

Gothenburg's platform for climate-neutral construction is a collective effort where progressive construction and property companies work together with the city and the research community to reduce the industrie's climate impact. 

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