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Empowering business growth in Gothenburg is our core mission. From startups to expansions, we're your dedicated partner, fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities. Ready to make your mark in Gothenburg's business landscape? 

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Investment Services

Get a smooth start and tap into the region's potential with our free, tailor-made investment advisory services. Our expert team is dedicated to connecting investors with the right opportunities.

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Successful collaboration fuels innovation and growth. We know. We have done it for decades. Our collaboration service can explain our meeting places, introduce you and provide you with contacts to potential partners.

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Gothenburg is a magnet for talent in knowledge-intensive industries and advanced services. Our city offers a rich pool of opportunities for individuals with the drive to excel. Explore our talent services and embark on your journey towards success. 

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    most sustainable destination in the world (Global Destination Sustainability Index, 2023)

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    most attractive city in Sweden for talent (Talent City Sweden Index, 2023)

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    best logistics location in Sweden (Intelligent Logistik, 2023)

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Key sectors

Gothenburg, renowned for its expertise in knowledge-intensive industries and advanced services, is strategically positioned as a logistics hub for Swedish imports and exports, making it a gateway to global markets.

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Empowering your business journey with business insights

To help businesses thrive in Gothenburg, we offer valuable tools and resources for decision-making, planning, and networking.

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Explore the diverse opportunities across our array of platforms: Move to Gothenburg, Visit Gothenburg, Meet in Gothenburg, International House Gothenburg and Unimeet.

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