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Brand Communication Guidelines

Hotspot for innovation, Front-runner in sustainability, Master of collaboration

These guidelines can be used by companies and organizations wishing to market the Gothenburg region to the international business community. The aim is to increase the region's attractiveness through uniform and on-target messages.

Sweden is ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world. Here, new developments spring from collaborations. The Gothenburg region is permeated by a creative force, bravery, and openness, which encourage everyone to get involved. The region combines advanced manufacturing industries with a constantly growing services sector and a strategically ideal location. It serves as the Nordic countries' gateway to the world. Creative business clusters have transformed the region into a global hub for mobility, technology, urban development, and life science. The innovations created here often result from cross-industry collaborations.

  • Innovation

    is one of Gothenburg's core strengths

  • Sustainability

    is one of Gothenburg's core strengths

  • Collaboration

    is one of Gothenburg's core strengths


Download the PDF for more information about the Gothenburg region's position, target groups, and strengths, all defined within a business context. The document also includes details about some of the region's key clusters and our overarching marketing messages.

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