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Knowledge and solutions are never far away in Gothenburg. Why? Because we have a unique spirit of collaboration between business, academia and the public sector. We bring the right players together.

Collaboration in the Nordic capital of getting things done

Knowledge and solutions are never far away in Gothenburg. Our enabling business climate is characterized by openness, inquisitiveness and the courage to test. Our long tradition of working together to create change for the better is partnered by a genuine willingness to do this. Collaborations between the business community, academia and public bodies are driving the amazing developments we have seen over the past few years, and these will continue. This is a key ingredient for the Gothenburg region’s success as a global hotspot for innovation and a trailblazer in sustainable growth.

Ongoing collaboration projects are for example: Gothenburg Green City Zone, The Tranzero initiative and Platform for climate neutral construction. Many more have made the transision from collaborating project to innovative business and new ones are always underway.

Discover Gothenburg's collaboration edge

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Lindholmen Science Park

Science parks and the innovation ecosystem

Our science parks are important components of the region’s innovation ecosystem. They offer cooperation-friendly environments perfect for initiating testbeds and collaborations and cover areas of urban development, life science, transport, ICT and media.

Discover Gothenburg's science parks
Full-scale test environment

Testbeds - the key to collaboration

A testbed in Gothenburg is an excellent way for a company to establish contacts in the Nordic market. Swedes are also known for being early adopters, making us the perfect test market. Here you will find testbeds all over the city. Join us and test your products and services using virtual reality, laboratories, simulated environments, or even out in the real world. If you make it here, you can make it anywhere.

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Hotspot for innovation

Gothenburg is Sweden's innovation powerhouse. It is the country's most important industrial region and prominent knowledge centre where valuable innovations are tested and developed.

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Front-runner in sustainability

Ecological, economic, and social sustainability is a central theme running throughout everything Gothenburg stands for. We have moved from words into action because sustainability offers a clear business edge.

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Perfectly positioned

Positioned on the west coast of Sweden, with the whole world within reach. And with the developments we have seen in the past year we are more than ready to take on the future.

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Why do people invest in Gothenburg?

Because we are a hotspot for innovation, front-runner in sustainability and last but definitely not least, master of collaboration. We are ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world and new developments spring from collaborations. Here we dare to test new ideas and invest in sustainable solutions.


Collaboration ecosystem

We are mastering the collaboration game due to the close ties between the business community, the academia and the public organisations. This has laid the foundation for different types of meeting places and open innovation ecosystems offering opportunities for entrepreneurs and small and medium sized companies. Here are some of our best examples.

Picture of the outside building of Astra Zeneca in Gothenburg
AstraZeneca BioVentureHub

The BioVentureHub was established in 2014 in order to create an inside track to the scientific expertise and facilities at AstraZeneca for academia and small and medium-sized companies. The reason was to strengthen the competitiveness and dynamics in the life science industry. A golden opportunity for emerging companies to co-locate with world-class scientists and get access to fantastic lab infrastructure.

AstraZeneca BioVentureHub
Testing driving with eye scanning technology

Founded in 2017 by large global companies, MobilityXlab is a collaboration hub with a mission to capture pioneering ideas within mobility and connectivity and help develop new innovations for the future of mobility. Six founding partners are offering startups a 6-month innovation programme. The partners are: CEVT, Ericsson, Magna, Polestar, Volvo Group and Zenseact. 

visionsbild av goco health innovation city
GoCo Health Innovation City

This is the latest addtion to the collaboration ecosystem in Gothenburg. Still under full construction but with large parts already finalised. Here you will find a new urban city center attracting researchers, entrepreneurs and talents from all aroung the world. The vision is to create a world-class innovation and collaboration cluster for health.

GoCo Health Innovation Center
Camp X
CampX by Volvo Group

This is a global concept developed by Volvo Group to accelerate new technology and business innovations for sustainable mobility. Startup companies are being offered collaborative partnership to drive innovation within the following fields: electromobility, automation and sustainability

CampX by Volvo Group
The yard
The Yard

In the heart of Scandinavia's mobility centre, Lindholmen Science Park, a new tech arena for startups and tech-driven companies has opened. Here you will find co-working areas and workshop possibilities and also a creative community to meet, challenge and test tomorrow's solutions. 

The Yard
Yesbox - Home of entrepreneurs in Gamlestaden
Yesbox - home of entrepreneurs

Yesbox is the City of Gothenburg's initiative for entrepreneurship, innovation and business development. A vibrant meeting place for people with new ideas. Visit Yesbox and test your thoughts and discuss your business idea, here youvill find inspiration and support to help you take the next step. 15 organisations all under one roof. 

Yesbox - home of entrepreneurs

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