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The Nordics is a key player when it comes to ICT, entrepreneurship, and innovation. And the Gothenburg region is an important hub with strong expertise in a variety of fields, including AI, connectivity and mobility, cyber and information security, digitalisation, microwave and antenna technology, and gaming and digital visualisation.




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ICT is one of Gothenburg’s strongest growth industries. At the same time, it is a key enabler for many other industries. The region is home to a number of leading companies, including EricssonSAAB, Telia and Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space). Together they form strong clusters with a high degree of expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in new start-ups and scale-ups.

The ongoing digital transformation brings about vast opportunities in areas in which we have our established strengths. But there are also emerging areas where we can establish further strengths, such as digital health, quantum and performance computing, space, blockchain, and edtech.
Kent Jellmund, Investment Advisor ICT, Business Region Göteborg

The region has several large industries, including the automotive, life science, manufacturing and logistics sectors, and these are all in need of new solutions. The Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, SKF and AstraZeneca are just a few examples of the global brands that are headquartered or have large-scale operations in the region.

We see tremendous potential in the Gothenburg region due to its strong industrial ecosystems in many business segments, and we intend to expand and broaden our presence here.
Gaurav Gupta, Chief Business Officer at L&T Technology Services, which established an office in Gothenburg in October 2018

West Sweden and Gothenburg also have well-established ecosystems, including strong universities, science parks, accelerators, networks, and conferences. These are characterised by close collaboration between industry, academia, and the public sector, as well as a world-class infrastructure. The region has several cutting-edge clusters including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Connectivity and Mobility
  • Cyber and Information Security
  • Microwave and Antenna Technology
  • Visualisation and Gaming
  • Digitalisation

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Kent Jellmund
Investment Advisor
Area of work: ICT
Area of concern: Establish and invest
Hannes Lindkvist
Project Manager
Area of work: ICT Cluster development
Area of concern: Business development and financing innovation development