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Gothenburg is the home of Volvo and is the automotive capital of Sweden. We have the entire vehicle value chain, unique test environments, and world-class expertise.

With a focus on innovation, sustainability and co-creation, Gothenburg has established itself as one of Europe's most dynamic automotive and mobility clusters. Global companies are investing large sums in R&D and facilities in the region, and strategic partnerships are being formed. The Chinese company Geely, for example, is developing a new 100,000 sq m innovation centre with space for 3,500 employees. Not far away, the Volvo Group is developing Campus Lundby, a 200,000 sq m centre for the development of transport solutions. The Volvo Group is also collaborating with private and public bodies in the testing of entirely electric and emission-free buses in the city's public transport system. Meanwhile, Volvo Cars is moving forward with the development of self-driving vehicle technology and electrification, taking the lead in a rapidly transitioning industry. 

"The automotive industry is undergoing a momentous transition, with Gothenburg taking the lead in many areas, such as electrification, autonomous technology, safety, and connected vehicles."
Joel Görsch, Investment Advisor, Automotive and Cleantech

With around 30,000 direct employees, Gothenburg’s automotive industry is one of the world’s most knowledge-intensive industries per capita when it comes to vehicle development. Gothenburg also has a large and mobile workforce, including almost 30,000 technology and IT experts, as well as world-leading clusters in mobile data transfer, telematics, and software development.

The region is home to Volvo Cars, the Volvo Group, CEVT, and Polestar, as well as major specialist subcontractors and suppliers such as SKF, Veoneer, Zenseact, Lynk & Co, Einride, Semcon, Ericsson, HCL, and Brose.




direct employees


“There aren’t many places in the world where you can go from idea to finished product in the same way as you can here. We have the entire ecosystem for building vehicles - from small cars to heavy trucks - gathered in a small area. And that’s one of our biggest strengths.”
Per Österström, Manager, Automotive and Transport

Another of Gothenburg’s strengths is its range of platforms and arenas for development and testing. Lindholmen Science Park, for example, acts as a platform for cross-disciplinary and cross-industry projects, connecting organisations in the private and public sector and academia. Its initiatives include Test Site Sweden, with its development, testing, and demonstration environments for sustainable transport, and Telematics Valley, a development area for vehicle-related telematics.

A further R&D asset is AstaZero, located just outside Gothenburg. This facility is the world’s first full-scale test environment. Manufacturers, suppliers, and academia can test and certify their products in any number of traffic environments and scenarios.


Cluster analysis 2018

A mapping of the automotive cluster in Gothenburg Region.

Cluster analysis Automotive 2018

Resources & support

The following is just a small sample of the platforms and arenas that are part of our automotive innovation ecosystem. Please contact us if you would like further information.

MobilityXlab is a platform founded by Autoliv, Ericsson, Volvo Cars, the Volvo Group, and Zenuity. CEVT also joined later. Start-ups and companies are offered working space and direct contact with the founding companies to jointly develop solutions for the transportation of the future.

SEEL (Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory) is Sweden’s electromobility test centre that Chalmers University of Technology and RISE have begun constructing in order to speed up electrification of the transport sector. SEEL's three plants will be located in Gothenburg, Nykvarn, and Borås.

Vehicle ICT Arena offers an open environment for innovation and human resource and succession management in vehicle IT that helps assure Swedish competitiveness in safe, sustainable mobility. Run by Lindholmen Science Park.

Telematics Valley is a neutral organisation that supports and strengthens the regional development of companies and technology in the field of telematics.

SAFER, the Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre, is an organisation that acts as a hub for vehicle and road safety research in real traffic environments.

Swedish Electromobility Centre (Svenskt Hybrid Centrum - SHC) is a national centre of excellence for e-mobility. SHC brings together Sweden’s expertise and acts as a node for interaction between academia, industry, and society. 

AI Innovation of Sweden is a new national centre for AI-related research and innovation, involving partners from industry and academia, where teams have the opportunity to co-locate and share ideas, data, and resources.

Volvo electric bus
Since June 2015 electric buses have been operating on route 55 between the two campuses of Chalmers University of Technology in Johanneberg and Lindholmen.

The automotive industry in Region Västra Götaland:

•    98% of car production and 50% of truck production in Sweden.
•    40,000 people directly employed by the automotive industry.
•    30,000 tech and IT consultants.
•    3,000 new graduates each year.
•    RISE Research Institutes of Sweden has its head office in Gothenburg, making Västra Götaland one of the most knowledge-intensive regions when it comes to mobility.
•    Region Västra Götaland is a world leader in the development of mobile data systems and telematics, and a pioneer in creating test and development arenas for sustainable transport.

We are here to help

If you are considering establishing, investing or innovating in the region, our industry experts can provide you with information, contacts and advice. Contact us today.

Per Österström
Manager Automotive and Transport
Area of work: Automotive industry Transport industry Cluster development
Area of concern: Business development and financing
Joel Görsch
Investment Advisor
Area of work: Automotive industry Cleantech
Area of concern: Establish and invest
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