Surface Analysis and Surface Design

29 February 2024
Steel objects side by side
The Surface Analysis and Surface Design test bed includes laboratories equipped for characterization and optimization of surfaces and surface interactions.

Examples of areas are:

  • Production and characterization and of nano and micro materials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and beads. We work on optimization of the nanoparticle dispersion and stabilization. We also develop functional coatings and inks based on nanoparticles. In these areas we have also have expertise in nanosafety research.
  • Modification of surfaces where we can customize particle properties such as repulsion, adhesion, friction, lubrication or charging for applications such as dirt repellency, bonding, powder flow, rolling, fiber processes, medical technology and swallowing.
  • Treatment of surfaces, for instance in areas such as cleaning/washing, painting, polishing or anti-ice treatment.
  • Customer optimization effects, for example in life science where we not only characterize the surfaces using lab instrumentation, but through human panel studies linked to verified models and advanced statistical analysis we can correlate surface analysis data to consumers' experiences.
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