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Gothenburg Green City Zone is unfolding the creation of an entirely new emission-free transport system. A zone where we highlight solutions, welcome innovation, and where business, academia and public actors together can aim for new heights. Follow our epic journey! 

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Emission-free by 2030

To achieve an emission-free transport system by 2030 the initiative Gothenburg Green City Zone has been created. It is a zone where new technology and solutions for vehicles and infrastructure is being tested and developed. The initiative inspires to new ways of thinking and collaborating, with a mindset aiming for the future. 

The vision of Gothenburg Green City Zone

Our vision is that this local initiative will spread and inspire others. The exceptionally strong tradition of collaboration has defined Gothenburg over the years and made way for many innovative and sustainable solutions. Companies, the research community and the public sector have joined forces to test everything from new all-electric bus routes to ways in which we can live more sustainable. We believe collaborating and sharing knowledge and expertise is the best way to learn and develop new insights. Several players have already made groundbreaking solutions, and we want to begin scaling up those solutions and putting them into effect.

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A zone of possibilites

Gothenburg's strong spirit and tradition in collaborations have transformed the region to a hotspot for innovation. With the creation of Gothenburg Green City Zone we have opened up a live test zone in the heart of the city where testing solutions and learning togheter in an authentic environment is possible. A testbed where ideas flourish, opening up faster and more effective ways of making sustainable solutions achievable.

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In order to make the transition to an emission-free transportation system we need the courage to work along new lines, think innovatively, and think together. Starting with the technical shifts - electrification, automation, and digitization - and exploring how we can use them to bring about change. We believe that this can be achieved most effectively through collaboration.

- Jonas Eriksson, Head of Gothenburg Green City Zone 


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Selected areas

Gothenburg Green City Zone is initially comprised by the central parts of Gothenburg, from Lindholmen, via the Event District, to Forsåker in Mölndal. Areas where we generate potential for companies, societal stakeholders, and the research community to test, develop, and scale up their ideas.

A full-scale test environment

We have created a full-scale test environment where we can perform live tests and develop the transport system of the future. We test innovations, scale up proven solutions and look for new ideas and insights. Several parallel projects and collaborations are currently underway, such as:

  • Wireless charging of taxis
  • Transition to electrified freight transport
  • Regional logistics hubs
Our partners

The initiative is led by the City of Gothenburg through Business Region Göteborg, Volvo Cars, and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. In addition to the initiators, the founding partners include municipal companies and departments of the City of Gothenburg: Traffic Office, City Planning Office, Property Management Office, Environmental Management, Gothenburg City Parking, Gothenburg Energy, and Gothenburg & Co. Additionally, Chalmers University of Technology, the School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Johanneberg Science Park, Svenska Mässan, and the City of Mölndal are part of the initiative.

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