Why Gothenburg

Why Gothenburg

A hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship

In recent years, Gothenburg-based companies have invested heavily in developing new products and services. Behind these large sums are global brands like Ericsson, the Volvo Group, AstraZeneca, SKF, Saab and Volvo Cars, as well as multiple other companies of various sizes. A third of Sweden's private R&D investments are made in Gothenburg's county, Västra Götaland, and this has helped make the region leading within for example areas of automotive, life science, logistics, ICT and sustainable urban development.

Construction plans worth a total of EUR 100 billion are also attracting investors at a scope never previously seen in the region. Gothenburg is expanding in ideal city locations and offers unique testing possibilities for new products and services. 

Gothenburg also has the full chain in place. What begins as concept development continues with the design of products and services, testing in an urban environment and large-scale production. In addition, the city boasts established trade routes direct to the large export markets.

Perfectly positioned
Map of Scandinavia

With 70% of Scandinavia's population and industry located within 500km, Gothenburg is the ideal gateway to the Nordics

The choice of many

Geely, AstraZeneca, HCL Technologies, Fosun Pharma, General Electric, DB Schenker and Cerner are just a few of the brands that have invested, established or expanded operations in Gothenburg in recent years. Here is why American eHealth company Cerner chose to set up an office in Gothenburg.



“Gothenburg is a hotbed of innovation. There's a highly qualified workforce, other multinational companies on hand and good transportation. Most people speak English, you're part of the EU … yes, there are many very good reasons.”

- Steven Gallagher, Vice President Business Development & Political Affairs Europe at Cerner

Why Geely chose Gothenburg

The competence available in Sweden, the country's strong brands and its open-minded people were among the reasons why Geely invested in a development centre at Lindholmen in Gothenburg, explains Gang Wei, deputy CEO of CEVT. 

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