Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Virtual gothenburg lab

WHAT: Virtual Gothenburg Lab will create a unique opportunity for the testing and development of work approaches, tools and methods for visual, digital and virtual work. Virtual Gothenburg Lab is connected to Virtuella Göteborg, the city's digital twin, and supports the City of Gothenburg's urban development, thus allowing it to serve as an impetus for change.

WHERE: Gothenburg

PARTNERS: City of Gothenburg (City Building Office, Traffic Office, Water Supply, Social Resource Management, Consumer and Citizens' Services, Intraservice), Lindholmen Science Park, Visual Arena, AI Innovation of Sweden, Business Region Göteborg, Göteborgsregionen, Universeum, RISE Interactive, Chalmers University, Volvo Cars, Tengbom, Berge, AFRY, Ramboll, Insert Coin, HiQ, OutHere, Atvis, Bumbee Labs, Unicornsulting and Ordrum.

ACCESSIBILITY: Partnering/ Membership

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