WHAT: Stadslandet Gothenburg is working to support small and medium-sized companies to develop their business with the sustainability perspective in focus. At our venues we capture, support and develop new business ideas in collaboration with residents, administrations, companies, associations and researchers. Creation and participation are the basis of our work.

Our meeting places provide forums for networking, experience and knowledge sharing. Here we capture, support and develop new business ideas together with different actors in society.

WHERE: Northen Gothenburg
The testbed provides four meeting places in North Gothenburg:
- Angered-Lärje, Kulturhuset Blå Stället
- Bergum- Gunnilse, Bergums fritidslantgård
- Hammarkullen
- Backa- Brunnsbo

PARTNERS: Business Region Göteborg, City of Gothenburg and Coompanion


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