Andreas Göthberg
31 December 2019

‘The region has developed tremendously since the year 2000’

Andreas Göthberg, head of foreign direct investment at Business Region Göteborg, provides insight into why Gothenburg is an exciting option for both companies and talent.

Andreas is born and raised in Gothenburg, but has spent many years in the US and Germany. He has studied finance and has worked at Business Region Göteborg since 2001. He joined the establishment and investment services team, as head of FDI, in 2015.

“I work a lot with marketing opportunities in the Gothenburg region internationally. It’s about Gothenburg as a destination for doing business. Our team is involved in many different meeting places – trade fairs, direct meetings etc. For companies that are considering or in the process investing or establishing operations here, we provide guidance and advice. We help with everything from providing facts and info on the business environment to finding premises or contacts within local authorities.”

Why is Gothenburg a good destination for doing business?   

“We have a region that has developed tremendously since the year 2000. Employment and gross regional product, for example, have shown really strong growth - clearly better than Sweden as a whole. And if we compare within Europe, there aren’t many metropolitan regions that can compete with our growth numbers.”


Andreas Göthberg  

During 2019, 25 companies that you and your team have assisted established operations in the region. Why are companies choosing Gothenburg? 

“We can’t offer free land or tax reliefs nor access to a gigantic market. Nevertheless we are attracting market driven investments, partly as Swedes are early adopters and trendsetters. But a key reason is the access to competence and networks. We have world-leading expertise in a number of areas – automotive, life science, microwave technology etc. Within the automotive industry there are very few other cities in Europe that measure up to Gothenburg, while in other sectors it’s more that we are leaders in certain niche areas. Another big strength is our large companies: Volvo, Volvo Cars, AstraZeneca, SKF, Ericsson, Stena etc. These have major operations in the region and this really helps to build strong clusters.”  

So the region’s expertise and competence is a big strength. Why are talent from all over Sweden and the world choosing Gothenburg?

“Apart from the companies and the jobs, it’s partly as Gothenburg is an attractive city that's close to nature. Within 20 minutes you can be by the sea or by a lake in the forest - that’s quite unique. But we also offer an excellent work-life balance. The vibe is also a bit different here, than for example, in Stockholm. Here it is a bit more laid back and down to earth. At the same time, the city has a vibrant culture scene with a strong offering of museums, music, food, art and fashion.”

Gothenburg facts

  • Between 2000 and 2018, Gothenburg’s labour market region has grown by 205,000 residents and 147,000 jobs and the real increase in gross regional product was 81 per cent
  • There are currently around 1.2 million residents in Gothenburg’s labour market and by 2030 this figure expected to grow to around 1.8 million residents.
  • Sweden has the highest R&D intensity in the EU and 32 per cent of Sweden’s R&D investments in the private sector are made in Gothenburg’s county, Västra Götaland.


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