KPMG Insights Center in Gothenburg
17 February 2020

KPMG opens first Nordic Insights Center

KPMG has opened its first Customer & Insights Center in the Nordics in Gothenburg. The ecosystem at Lindholmen and access to 5G are a few of the reasons why the company chose Gothenburg for its expansion.

KPMG said that the new high-tech centre will be a creative, collaborative environment with a focus on AI.

“It is a collaborative space with access to use cases, open sources and the possibility to work with big data. It is designed to be a meeting place for all of KPMG’s clients, students and partners where you can have constructive conversations. It is called a customer center and this is because our focus is on serving our clients in this centre and making it available to them,” says Rupert Doyle, Insights Center Manager at KPMG.


'One of Sweden's hottest industrial scenes'

The new centre is located at the heart of Lindholmen Science Park, an important hub for the region’s ICT and automotive companies. KPMG will share office space with Ericsson and AI Innovation of Sweden, a national initiative where KPMG is one of the founders. In addition, the company already has several partners working in the area.  

“This location is crucial to being able to develop partnerships and become part of the ecosystem around Lindholmen, one of Sweden’s hottest industrial scenes,” said Christoffer Sellberg, head of automotive at KPMG Sweden.

The company now has Insights Centers in 17 countries. The centre in Gothenburg is the only one with on premise access to 5G.

 “5G will transform the way we communicate and work together, and this is at the heart of what we do at KPMG. 5G enables smart cities, smart homes, smart factories, self-driving cars, etc. 5G has a massive connectivity with 99,9% reliability,” says Rupert Doyle.  

In the plans are several initiatives connected to 5G, mobility and infrastructure.

“The center will develop and drive a number of industrial initiatives. A first example of this is 5G in production, an industrial concept that will be developed and driven from Lindholmen. And there will be other similar concepts,” said Christoffer Sellberg.

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