Smartphone showing GreenMobility's app with parking hotspots
5 October 2020

GreenMobility: 'Sweden is far ahead in the green transition'

Danish car sharing company GreenMobility has opened in Sweden, with 200 zero-emission vehicles now available on the streets of Gothenburg and Malmö.

“We are seeing a green development in Sweden, where they are far ahead in the green transition. I am looking forward to giving the Swedish people the opportunity for easy, greener, and cheaper mobility solutions around the cities,” said Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO of GreenMobility, in a statement.

During the summer, the company launched its Swedish operations, rolling out 100 cars in Gothenburg and an additional 100 cars in Malmö, in southern Sweden.

The vehicles are made of recycled plastic and recyclable materials. In Sweden they run on electricity from renewable energy sources, supplied by Gothenburg’s energy company, Göteborg Energi. The vehicles are quiet and don’t emit carbon dioxide or other harmful substances. 

GreenMobility's vehicle in central Gothenburg
GreenMobility has an agreement with public company Parkering Göteborg, where users can park free-of-charge around clock at 26 locations in Gothenburg. Photo: GreenMobility


Operating in six cities

GreenMobility has been operating its carsharing platform in Denmark since 2016. Following the launch of its service in Sweden, it now operates in six European cities. 

The service is built is around an app, and the carsharing is free-floating, which means users can pick up a car and leave it any of the designated locations. Customers can also use the car on a per minute basis or alternatively purchase hour or day packages. 

Joel Görsch, investment advisor for automotive and cleantech at Business Region Göteborg, has supported GreenMobility during its establishment process in Gothenburg. He explains that their arrival in Gothenburg is positive for the region. 

“The future of mobility is electric, autonomous, shared and connected. The establishment of GreenMobility in Gothenburg will further drive the region’s development within smart mobility, car sharing and mobility as a service,” says Joel Görsch, investment advisor for automotive and cleantech at Business Region Göteborg.  

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