Mjörnstranden outside Alingsås
27 April 2020

French firm Mirova buys major wind farm project

Mirova, one of Europe’s largest investors in renewable energy projects, has acquired the Rödene Wind Farm, situated outside Alingsås, close to Gothenburg. The project consists of 13 turbines with capacity to power the equivalent of 40,000 Swedish homes.

The project has been acquired from RES and its Nordic subsidiary Nordisk Vindkräft, which will build the windfarm under an EPC contract. Once operational, RES will also provide asset management services for the 85.8 MW wind farm. Construction is set to begin in August.

“We look forward to building and operating this project with our client Mirova in this part of the country where electricity demand is particularly high. It’s impressive to think that these 13 turbines will deliver the equivalent power demand of the local city of Alingsås,” said Matilda Afzelius, CEO of RES in the Nordics, in a press release.

When completed, the new wind farm will be the largest in the Västra Götaland County, West Sweden, in terms of production. While the park only includes 13 turbines, each turbine has a 6.6 MW output.    

The project is the third that Mirova has aquired from RES, the first being the Våsberget wind project in East Sweden in 2015.

“We are happy to have been able to sign the acquisition of this project in spite of the challenging environment thanks to the strong relationship we have built over the years with RES. In this time of economic slowdown and change, we remain committed to increasing local production of renewable energy and pursue our extension in the Nordics started 10 years ago,” said Raphaël Lance, Head of Energy Transition Funds at Mirova.


Foreign companies investing in Swedish wind power 

Sweden is seeing a rapid expansion of renewable energy production, especially wind power. A market analysis of Swedish wind power, produced by Region Västra Götaland, shows that Sweden is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of investment in renewable energy - and per capita it is number one.   

“Large amounts of the investments in Swedish wind power are being made by foreign companies, in particular, from Germany, China, France and the UK, who understand the opportunity. Mirova’s acquisition of the new Rödene Wind Farm, is a good example,” says Joel Görsch, investment advisor for automotive and cleantech at Business Region Göteborg.

“West Sweden is one of the leading regions in Sweden and it had the nation’s highest wind power capacity in 2019. Good wind opportunities, market conditions and collaboration platforms, such as the regional initiative Power Väst, are a few of the reasons for this,” adds Joel Görsch, who sits on the Power Väst steering committee. 

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