14 August 2019

Facts & Figures 2019: A region moving forward 

The Gothenburg region is growing more rapidly than anyone could have predicted. By around 2030, it is likely that Gothenburg’s labour market region will encompass 1.8 million residents compared with today’s 1.2 million residents. Here we present short extracts from this year's edition of Facts & Figures.  

Growth strategy – to strengthen central Gothenburg and expand the labour market

Major investments are being made in infrastructure and urban development, which in turn has increased commuters and new residents rapidly. 

By around 2030, it is likely that the cities Trollhättan and Borås will be a part of Gothenburg's labour market. For this reason, local politicians in the Gothenburg region have adopted a new, offensive growth strategy (Sustainable Growth).

In Central Gothenburg, the aim is to increase the number of residents by 45,000 and create 60,000 jobs between 2012 and 2030. 


Growth in Sweden's metropolitan regions 

The three metropolitan regions - Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö - drive growth in Sweden. Among them, Gothenburg’s labour market exhibits the strongest growth in employment (1.6% annual growth 2000-2017). The robust growth in jobs in Gothenburg’s labour market is largely driven by the high value-added generated by the region’s goods and services. 

Gothenburg’s labour market also sees the strongest growth in total wage sum (3.3% annual real growth 2000-2018). 

The most significant growth in value-added (gross regional product) is seen in the labour markets of Gothenburg and Stockholm (3.8% annual real growth). The three metropolitan regions are clearly growing better than Sweden as a whole.


Facts & Figures is an annual publication from Business Region Göteborg, which consists of facts frequently requested by investors. Access the report here: Facts & Figures 2019


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