Magnus Björsne, CEO at the BioVentureHub.
3 July 2019

BioVentureHub – new collaboration can strengthen digital health expertise

The BioVentureHub is set to double in size. Meanwhile, the novel life science incubator, located inside AstraZeneca’s facility in Gothenburg, is setting up a collaboration with IBM. 

“We are very excited to be finalising a collaboration with such a major ICT player as IBM. We believe it will provide another dimension of support to the companies at the hub,” says Magnus Björsne, CEO at the BioVentureHub. 
Established in 2014, the BioVentureHub is an open innovation environment where companies and research groups can co-locate with AstraZeneca and tap into its expertise, facilities and infrastructure. The hub currently has around 30 companies, 145 people and 2,500 sqm of space.
According to Björsne, the hub has outgrown its current capacity but, in the near future, it will expand with new office space. The ambition is to double the number of people working in the member companies and research groups. 
“We want to increase the balance between what we call the four Ds: digital, diagnostics, devices and drugs. Today, we have a majority of companies being traditional biotechs. We want to build more around complementary skills,” says Magnus Björsne. 

IBM collaboration a significant addition

According to Björsne, more details about the collaboration with IBM will be announced soon. It will involve combining the two parties’ respective open innovation platforms. 
“The background is that we see two categories of companies that work with digital health solutions. One is life science companies that go digital. The other is digital companies that go life science. And in each of these cases they often lack the other component,” he explains. 
The new collaboration, however, will give companies and research groups within the hub an environment that can contribute with both pockets of expertise, explains Björsne.   
“We already have Mölnlycke in the hub. It’s a large company. Imagine a situation where you have a medtech company like that to provide their expertise, you have AstraZeneca and then, on top of that, you have a big global ICT company like IBM sharing know-how and infrastructure. This will be a unique environment to foster breakthrough innovations and long-term growth,” says Björsne.


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