The place to be for developing and testing new medicines and technologies

Iris Öhrn, investment advisor for life science at Business Region Göteborg

Gothenburg has a lot of knowledge and capabilities within life science. But where Sweden’s second city really stands out is its collaborative approach and capacity to get things done, explains Iris Öhrn, investment advisor for life science at Business Region Göteborg.

For more than a decade she’s been spreading word of the good things happening here and supporting companies and investors who want to become part it. 

Gothenburg has a lot going on. And the ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth.

“We are very strong in a lot of important areas including advanced therapies, regenerative medicine, biomaterials, AI and quantum computing. We have a lot of innovative companies, academic excellence and unique health data. We are also seeing big investments in infrastructure and innovation environments,” says Iris.

Collaboration is a key success factor 

But what separates Gothenburg, according to Iris, is that it’s so easy to collaborate here. This is powerful, particularly as the scientific and technological landscape is changing so quickly. The global health challenges are also expansive.

“Collaboration is in our DNA and our ecosystem is very business oriented. We have a culture of trust and sharing, which is a great advantage. Private-public partnerships have been and will continue to be a key success factor,” says Iris. 

Building on this, the region has open innovation environments and many arenas and networks that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. And the interaction stretches beyond the life science and healthcare borders.  

“Sector convergence is happening. It’s not just a buzzword here. We are seeing more and more cross-fertilisation between, for example, life science, tech and mobility, three of our key sectors, which is super exciting. Platforms like AI Sweden, the BioVentureHub, Mobility Xlab and GoCo House are enabling this interaction,” says Iris. 

“Volvo Cars and AstraZeneca, two of our biggest companies, for example, are collaborating to bring health technologies into vehicles. Another example, is Detectivio, which has used a mix of computer science, advanced sensors and medical knowledge to create a solution that offers new possibilities for measuring a patient’s vitals,” she adds.  

Be part of creating a healthier future

Sweden only accounts for a fraction of the world’s population. Yet it has produced a host of multinational brands including Volvo, SKF, Ikea and Ericsson; a bunch of unicorns such as Einride, Kry, BICO and Klarna; and a long list of innovative companies whose solutions are making an impact across the world. 

Gothenburg is a driving force for Swedish growth and innovation, and per capita it’s regarded as one of the top science and technology clusters in the world, according to the Global Innovation Index, 2023. 

For companies who want to develop and test new medicines, treatments and technologies, it is an excellent choice, explains Iris. 

“Gothenburg aims to have a big impact and help address global health challenges. This requires a collaborative effort. We need international partners, investors and talent who want be part of this journey,” she says.

We are here to help

Want to partner with Gothenburg and help address global health challenges? Get in touch with Iris Öhrn (details below) to learn more about concrete business and collaboration opportunities and how we can help you establish or expand your business in Gothenburg. Business Region Göteborg is the Gothenburg region’s investment promotion agency. Our advisory services are free of charge and tailored entirely to your needs.


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