Novo Energy receives the Key to Gothenburg

Henrik Björkman, CEO at Novo Energy R&D; Adrian Clarke, CEO at Novo Energy Production and Axel Josefson, the Mayor of Gothenburg
Henrik Björkman, CEO at Novo Energy R&D; Adrian Clarke, CEO at Novo Energy Production and Axel Josefson, the Mayor of Gothenburg

Novo Energy, a joint-venture between Northvolt and Volvo Cars, has been awarded the Key to Gothenburg, for its investments in a new battery gigafactory and R&D centre in Gothenburg.

Almost one year ago Northvolt and Volvo Cars announced plans to locate their first joint battery production plant and R&D centre in Gothenburg. The R&D centre has already been established and it will create jobs for a few hundred people. The production plant, which will produce battery cells for use in Volvo and Polestar pure electric cars, will be operational in 2025.   

The choice of Novo Energy is in line with several initiatives that are already in place, and the goals the region and Business Region Göteborg work towards: new jobs, and a transition towards a more climate-friendly industry. 

Apart from creating over 3,000 new jobs in the region, Novo Energy’s new gigafactory will be powered by fossil-free energy and integrate engineering solutions which prioritize circularity and resource efficiency.

“History is now being written in Gothenburg with Novo Energy’s establishment. We see a new base-industry emerging that will employ thousands of people for a long time to come. The establishment is crucial for our automotive sector, if it is to succeed in the green transition and be a global leader,” says Henrik Einarsson, director of establishment and investment services at Business Region Göteborg. 

The Key to Gothenburg was received by Adrian Clarke, who leads the production company, and Henrik Björkman who leads the R&D company. 

“Right now the focus is on hiring. We need to attract a lot of good talent within Gothenburg as well as internationally. We kick off the design and are preparing for construction starting from next year,” said Adrian Clarke, CEO at Novo Energy Production, at the award ceremony in Gothenburg on 16 November.

“R&D is an important part of the joint venture between Northvolt and Volvo Cars.  We are a key enabler for the future development of batteries for Volvo cars. We have established our initial R&D centre here at Lindholmen. It’s a long journey until batteries are in Adrian’s manufacturing plant. We are aiming for 2027,” said Henrik Björkman, CEO at Novo Energy R&D during the ceremony.


Motivation for the selection of Novo Energy:

Novo Energy’s new production plant and R&D centre will be important engines for the region’s green transition. It is with these types of bold investments that Gothenburg can continue to make a difference for its future residents. Novo Energy is laying the foundation for many new jobs and fortifies Gothenburg’s world leading position within electromobility.


Watch as Novo Energy is awarded the Key to Gothenburg

Watch the award ceremony, which took place in connection to Business Region Göteborg's Konjunkturseminar (Economic Outlook seminar) on 16 November. The video includes a short interview with Henrik Björkman, CEO at Novo Energy R&D; and Adrian Clarke, CEO at Novo Energy Production.


About the Key to Gothenburg:

The Key to Gothenburg is awarded each year to a new business establishment in Gothenburg that is considered of great importance for the region’s long-term development. For example, it may create jobs in the region or add other values to the region that are of great worth or significance. The Key to Gothenburg is a symbolic prize that is awarded by Business Region Göteborg. It is a replica of the once gold-plated city key that was found in 1965 at an archeological site in Gamlestaden - which means the Old City - in Gothenburg. Previous winners include HCL Technologies, CEVT, MentorMate and Uniqlo. 

Short film Key to Gothenburg:



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