Lindex makes largest investment ever in new omnichannel warehouse

Lindex's new omnichannel warehouse in Alingsås, Gothenburg
An illustration of Lindex's new omnichannel warehouse in Alingsås, Gothenburg. Photo: Lindex

Swedish fashion chain Lindex has announced it will build a new, highly automated and climate-smart omnichannel warehouse in Alingsås, just outside of Gothenburg. The new warehouse will supply all sales channels for the Gothenburg company. 

“Our business is growing and in order to increase our delivery capacity in line with our global and digital expansion, we will build a new highly automated omnichannel warehouse, where all garments are available for all sales channels,” said CEO Susanne Ehnbåge in a recent press release announcing the plans.

“Our new logistics platform will enable continued growth in more channels as well as for new business opportunities. It is the largest investment in Lindex’s history and a crucial step in fulfilling our long-term growth plans and in securing the future of our logistics operations,” she said.  

Lindex's new omnichannel warehouse will manage the supply of garments to all the company's stores, the strongly growing e-commerce as well as the company's third-party collaborations with global fashion platforms. 

The highly automated and climate smart facility will be approximately 40,000 sqm in size and is planned to be brought into operation in 2024. Lindex’s amount of capital expenditure is approximately EUR 110 million including land, building and automation.

“We have high demands on our future omnichannel warehouse, which will replace our current warehouse in Partille and our e-commerce warehouse in Borås, where we are approaching our maximum capacity. With our new facility in Alingsås, we will initially be able to quadruple the capacity for our e-commerce and ensure a scalable and sustainable logistics solution for all sales channels,” said Johan Engen, Director of Logistics at Lindex.

Lindex is a West Swedish company, founded in Alingsås in 1954. Today it has its head office in Gothenburg. It has around 440 stores in 18 markets and 4,000 employees.


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