Austrian furniture giant expands to Gothenburg


European furniture company XXXLutz has acquired land in Gothenburg and plans to open a megastore during 2025. It will create up to 250 jobs in the city. 

The new 35,000 sqm store in Gothenburg will be located in Sisjön, an expansive retail area about 10 kilometres south of the city centre. It will be the company’s second store in Sweden.  

“Gothenburg has always been an important region for our expansion with its strong growth, international presence and efficient logistics through the harbour. Today, Västra Götaland [Gothenburg’s county] generates up to 20% of our e-commerce turnover,” says Rahele Steiner, CEO of XXXLutz Sweden.

“Thanks to a carefully chosen location, with a broad catchment area, strong purchasing power, and good infrastructure, the establishment of the XXXLutz store in the city of Gothenburg became a natural choice,” she adds.

A big player in Europe

The XXXLutz group operates over 370 furniture stores in 15 countries and has over 26,000 employees. With an annual turnover of EUR 5.75 billion, it is the second largest furniture retailer in the world. 

“Our goal is to be number one in every country and in every location where we operate. With this establishment in Gothenburg's best outer-city retail area, we are taking a big step towards achieving our goal of becoming the leading furniture retailer in Sweden,” says Rahele Steiner, Managing director of XXXLutz Sweden.

The company aims to open the store in Gothenburg during 2025. The application for a building permit will be submitted in early 2024. The design work is ongoing, and the building will feature low carbon and energy efficient solutions. 

A sign of Gothenburg's strength

Business Region Göteborg is helping facilitate the investment and became involved early in the process. Our investment advisors have provided the company with, for example, insight into the market and potential locations in the region, and connected them with relevant contacts in our business ecosystem.   

"We are very pleased that XXXLutz has chosen to establish itself in the region and we welcome them to Gothenburg,” says Business Region Göteborg's Pär Abrahamsson, who has been a part of the team supporting the Austrian company.  

“Their entry brings a new international player to our region. It will create many employment opportunities and strengthen the region as a visitor and shopping destination. It’s also a sign of our region’s strength to attract a player like XXXLutz,” he adds. 


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