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Welcome to Gothenburg! A city that continues to deliver and grow - both in quantity, in width and in height. For a decade, Gothenburg has been the region in Sweden with the strongest growth in jobs, economy and exports. We have world-leading innovation and research, we are open and always ready to collaborate - which has led us into the biggest leap forward in modern times. No wonder we see an increased interest in moving here! Here we present 15 reasons why we attract a growing number of talent and companies. We give you Gothenburg, a hotspot for innovation, a frontrunner in sustainability and a master of collaboration and of course perfectly positioned.

1. Sweden's most attractive city for qualified labour

For the second year in a row, the Talent City Index Sweden report shows that younger Swedish skilled workers prefer to live and work in Gothenburg. The ranking is based on interviews with 3500 students and skilled professionals between the ages 20 and 45, the group that is most likely to move. Behind the report is the consulting company Future Place Leadership. 

Gothenburg is Sweden's most attractive city among today and tomorrow's qualified workforce, the report states, ahead of Stockholm, followed by Malmö and Gotland. A total of 75 Swedish cities are ranked.

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2. The best rooftop bar in the world

TaKeT, located on the 7th floor of the Comfort Hotel, was named the world's best party rooftop in the Rooftop Guide, not once, not twice, but as many as four times! And there is more. PAM'S Pool Deck & Lounge at Jacy'z ended up on tenth place in the Rooftop Guide for world's best bars with a pool. But there is a lot more to choose from in Gothenburg, maybe we are simply the world's best at rooftop bars? Skanshof, Above, Moreno, Cuckoo On The Roof, Rubinen's rooftop bar, Hotel Dorsia, Atelier and Cielo, Mei Rose and Rooftop Bar at Clarion The Pier are some good examples of amazing rooftop bars in Gothenburg. Wow, this will be a summer to remember!

Top 10 Party Rooftops in the world

Rooftop bars in Gothenburg

3. Sweden's best logistics location

The fact that Scandinavia's largest port for import and export is located here is just one of the reasons why the Gothenburg region is such a prominent logistics hub. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Ocean-going direct lines to 130 destinations and several train shuttles for rail freight to Sweden and Norway
  • Short distances from the import port to the warehouse result in low logistics costs
  • New large logistics establishments
  • New large land assets for logistics, including at Hisingen and in Härryda at Landvetter airport
  • An advanced, rapidly growing transport infrastructure with the environment in focus
  • National centre for R&D in sustainable logistics solutions and transport

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4. The world's most sustainable destination

For the seventh consecutive year, Gothenburg is the world's most sustainable destination. The international ranking Global Destination Sustainability Index has several times named Gothenburg as a world leader in sustainability. In 2020, we are not only ranked first in the Global Destination Sustainability Index we were also able to add another sustainability award to the list. Lonely Planet named Gothenburg the "Best Sustainable City Stay" among all the cities' in the world. A front-runner in sustainability!

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5. Sweden's innovation powerhouse

Gothenburg is a hotspot for innovation. The companies' R&D expenditure is the highest in the country, also higher than in the capital region. It confirms how strong our companies are in producing world-leading innovations for a global market. The more companies invest in research and development, the greater the likelihood that innovations and new jobs will be created. Gothenburg being in the lead is no coincidence. Here we have the guts to test - we have more test beds than any other region in Sweden and we are also the master of collaboration. Just check out our Science Parks, things are really happening. For example, at Lindholmen Science Park there are close to 400 companies, working, testing and collaborating to make the bright innovative future of Gothenburg happen. 

All about testbeds

The way to become an innovation powerhouse

6. Scandinavia's largest port city

The Port of Gothenburg is the only Swedish port to receive the world's largest oceangoing vessels. And in doing so, it also offers direct deep-sea services to many continents in the world. Almost 6,000 ships go in and out of the Port of Gothenburg every year. The Port of Gothenburg is an important player in the work to transform the transport sector. The Tranzero initiative is a collaboration between the Volvo Group, Scania, Stena Line and the Port of Gothenburg, to bring about a significant reduction in carbon emissions linked to the largest port in Scandinavia. The aim is to cut emissions by 70 per cent by 2030. Gothenburg is also the centre for maritime development in Sweden with around 400 workplaces employing around 6,000 people. Right now, a major conversion of the region's maritime sector is underway with the goal to electrify part of the boating industry. Good news is that the first supercharger (150 kW) has been inaugurated in Lysekil up along the coast!

7. World-leading mobility cluster - an international role model

Our mobility cluster is a world leader in electrification, safety and self-driving vehicles. The city is open to collaboration and this in combination with a complete vehicle manufacturing ecosystem, has placed us in a unique position. The transition to an electrified and connected transportation system is well underway. The region is home to Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Geely, CEVT, Zeekr and Lynk&Co, and many technology, design and service providers to the automotive industry. The construction of the battery factory established by Northvolt and Volvo Cars is well underway. In the Gothenburg factory, battery cells for half a million cars will be produced each year. If you want to learn more, we have just released "Trends in Mobility and Transportation 2024". Follow the link below.

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8. The companies in the Gothenburg region are the best at exporting

In 2023, the region's companies exported goods worth just over 356 MSEK! The average annual growth rate of the region's exports is exceptional. In the last decade, the average annual rate has been 5.7 per cent, which is twice as strong compared to the national average. In SEK per employee, the region's companies export the most in Sweden! In 2023, our companies exported a value equivalent to 818,000 SEK per employed person - that's a number significantly higher than in the Stockholm and Malmö region.

Facts & Figures 2024

9. World-class Life Science

Life science is one of the fastest-growing industries in the Gothenburg region. We are home to one of Europe's largest university hospitals and one of AstraZeneca's three global strategic research and development centres. And a lot of interesting things are happening within the life science sector in Gothenburg. Digitalisation and AI, together with new advanced therapies and materials, create completely new possibilities for both companies and healthcare providers – and not least for people who can become healthier and live longer. Read about seven trends that are shaping the life science sector right now and visit two of the most interesting Life science development areas right now:

Seven life science trends 2024

GoCo Health Innovation City

Sahlgrenska Science Park

10. Sweden's beer capital

According to international rankings, some of the world's best beers come from Gothenburg. And according to Visit Sweden, Gothenburg has started to be considered the beer capital of the Nordics. Why, you wonder? Because there is a tradition around breweries ever since Gothenburg was founded in 1621 and during the days of the East India Company in the 18th century, much of the beer was exported to the world. The beginning of the 21st century was also the start of a new era in Gothenburg's beer history when the small-scale and local craft breweries began to take place and make noise. And the number is still increasing in the region. There are around 40 breweries in Gothenburg and the surrounding region and many of them also run restaurants, brewery pubs and tap rooms where you can try the local and freshly brewed beer.

Craft beer and breweries in Gothenburg

11. Sweden's growth engine

The Gothenburg region is Sweden's growth engine. Since 2009, our regional economy has been in overdrive. With a real export growth of 93 %,  real GRP growth of 56% and an increase in productivity of 37 %  the region is growing stronger than the capital region. To get a perspective on how strong the region's economic growth has been, it almost corresponds to China's economic growth since 2009. Another way to put it: the Gothenburg region's development lifts the entire Swedish economy.

Facts & Figures 2024

12. The tallest building in Scandinavia

The Gothenburg skyline is changing! With 4 buildings reaching heights over 100 meters. Karlatornet, built on Lindholmen, is the tallest building in the Nordics and stretches 246 meters above the ground. It is the tallest residential building in the EU. Citygate in Gårda is 144 meters and is the Nordic region's tallest office building. Kineum, which is also located in Gårda, is 110 meters. Hotel Draken is the latest addition to the area around Järntorget. The building is over 100 meters and was officially opened in 2023.

Project Karlatornet

13. Sweden's best UF company (Junior Achievement Company Program)

Gothenburg continues to shine in entrepreneurship and innovation. Gralg UF, consisting of Emmy Berggren, Magnus Lissbrant, Charlie Arby, and Arvid Distner from Donnergymnasiet, won the gold in the category ‘Company of the Year’ at the Swedish Championships in Young Entrepreneurship. Their business idea is an ecological and climate-positive fertilizer made from algae. This is the second year in a row that the Gothenburg region has had a company qualify for the European Championships. We wish Gralg UF the best of luck! Gralg UF also won the award for this year’s ecologically sustainable company, and the region took home an additional five prizes.

14. Let's go electric!

In order to make sustainable travel even more sustainable and reach the city's climate goals, electrification of public transport is an important part. Since 2020, Västtrafik has had the most electric buses in the Nordics, and during 2023 another 160 new electric buses started rolling in public transport. This means two out of three city buses in Västra Götaland run on electricity. From 2025, all public transport by boat across the river will be fully electrified. Finally, the debated electric scooter will become a more integrated part of the entire transport system. A new service, a digital map, shows all available shared bicycles and electric scooters in Gothenburg, along with Västtrafik’s stops. The goal is to facilitate sustainable travel all the way.

Electrifying the West of Sweden

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15. Leading the way towards a transport system of the future

In recent years, news about how Gothenburg is leading the way towards more sustainable transport has come one after the other. By 2030 at the latest, the entire transport system must be electrified, fossil-free – and silent. The region's mobility cluster gives us a world-unique value chain and the city's broad investment attracts international attention. Not least with the Gothenburg Green City Zone, the world's first large-scale testbed for emission-free transport in an urban environment, where new technology in both vehicles and infrastructure is tested. This requires us to rethink, think new and think together – Gothenburg is a unique combination of a hotspot for innovation, frontrunner in sustainability and master of collaboration!

Gothenburg Green City Zone

Gothenburg Green City Zone leading the way


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