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The Gothenburg region has a leading position with the highest number of testbeds in the country. The interest is great and extends both nationally and internationally, so if you are looking for a testbed for your ideas, you have great opportunities here.

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A testbed is a platform. A place – physical or virtual – where scientific theories or new technologies can be tested. A testbed is a first-rate way of mitigating potential risks posed by your product or idea by verifying or refuting it early in the process. Testbeds can usually be categorised into one or several of the following:

  • Lab - individual properties or functions can be tested in controlled environments. 
  • Constructed or simulated user environment - a system-level test or demo of entire products, services or processes.
  • Real environment - technologies or processes are tested in real environments in which they are intended to be used.


By using a testbed, the risks and up-front investment are often reduced as innovations can be verified and validated early on in the development process. Imagine a place where you can collaborate in an innovative environment with companies, the city, researchers, and institutes in pursuit of a successful product or service. In Gothenburg you will find testbeds all over the city.
We want to be proactive in shaping the future, and we believe this is the way forward. 

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Join us and test your products and services using virtual reality, laboratories, simulated environments, or even out in the real world. There are over 60 testbeds in the Gothenburg region and more than 100 in Gothenburg's county, Västra Götaland.

A testbed in Gothenburg is an excellent way for a company to establish contacts in the Nordic market. Swedes are also known for being early adopters, making us the perfect test market. If you make it here, you can make it anywhere. 


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In order to meet the challenges presented by growing cities and meeting the global sustainable development goals (SDGs/Agenda 2030), industries, businesses, municipalities, academia, and the local community need to work together to develop and implement solutions. Testbeds are excellent means of achieving this.

- Rasmus Heyman, Group Manager Innovation & Place management, Business Region Göteborg

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The broad range of testbeds along with science parks have made Gothenburg a hotspot for innovation. Here you'll find cooperation-friendly environments, perfect for initiating testbeds and collaboration.

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaboration environment for research, innovation and education within transport, ICT and media, and Sahlgrenska Science Park works within life science, an area that often cross-clusters with ICT.

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