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Science Parks

Gothenburg’s three science parks are important components of the region’s innovation ecosystem. They offer cooperation-friendly environments perfect for initiating testbeds and collaborations, among other things.

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Lindholmen Science Park

Driving innovation in transport, ICT, and media

Lindholmen Science Park embodies a dynamic and creative environment, serving as a catalyst for collaboration across geographical boundaries. At the forefront of this arena are several pioneering development projects, each dedicated to shaping the future of mobility for both people and goods.  Leveraging societal challenges and a shared thirst for new knowledge, Lindholmen accelerates opportunities to craft innovative solutions, driving long-term growth and enhancing Sweden's capacity for innovation. 

A neutral development environment is provided where the business community, academia, and society together can conduct major research and development projects. For 20 years, Lindholmen Science Park has been involved in successful collaborations and the creation of new knowledge. The area has become the most knowledge-intensive and expansive in Gothenburg. Around 375 companies are located in the area, and some 25,000 people spend time there every day – students, researchers, residents, entrepreneurs, employees, hotel guests, and curious visitors. The figure is expected to double over the next five years.

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Sahlgrenska Science Park

Accelerating health innovation

Sahlgrenska Science Park is an inclusive, open arena for the new world of life science, focusing on innovation and business acceleration. With the aim of driving growth, and creating new companies and jobs, Sahlgrenska Science Park is charged with the task of harnessing unique opportunities for West Sweden as IT, mobility, AI, and open innovation transform the entire life science industry. This mandate comes directly from the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, Region Västra Götaland, the City of Gothenburg, and the City of Mölndal.

Well-connected and with a non-profit approach, the science park provides the life science community with tailored advice and support to match and catalyse ideas. Bringing together the powers of industry, academia, healthcare, and government, Sahlgrenska Science Park offers an ecosystem in which innovators and businesses can collaborate and grow. The vision is to establish West Sweden as a world-class life science region by 2030, with sustainable and competitive companies on a global market.

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Johanneberg Science Park

Co-created, vision driven innovations for sustainable urban development

Johanneberg Science Park is a collaborative environment on the Chalmers University of Technology campus in central Gothenburg. Since 2010, the aim has been to co-generate innovations for society that are beneficial for people and the environment by bringing together academia, social institutions, and a variety of large and small companies.

The activities are focused on urban development, energy, and materials, with a number of national and international innovation projects and test solutions being developed to meet the challenges of tomorrow, including future living, new modes of transport, smart city solutions, recycling, and flexible energy systems.

The science park supports companies seeking to boost their competitiveness and growth potential through innovation projects run in collaboration with other companies, universities, and institutes.

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