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iskristaller med en julslinga i bakgrunden

Join us for a Christmas countdown!

We are posting one proud fact about Gothenburg every day all the way until the 24th of December. 

The largest testbed in Sweden for electric mobility is establishing in Gothenburg!

Throughout the year the electrification of the transport sector has accelerated at a fast pace. One example is the Swedich Electric Transport Laboratory, SEEL, a giant facility of 13,000 square meters, now being built in Gothenburg. The SEEL facility will meet the needs of developers of heavy and light weight vehicles, trucks and buses, construction machinery, aircraft, and ships, to test all types of battery systems. All with the ambition to create a more sustainable transport system. The establishment strengthens the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry and has all the prerequisites to become a world leader in sustainable mobility. 

Read more about electrified transports here
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Julgran i närbild

Gothenburg’s growth and labour market – stronger and larger!

The business community in the Gothenburg region is characterized by global and knowledge-intensive manufacturing companies, such as Volvo, SKF, and AstraZeneca to mention a few. The wage sum in our region is growing faster in comparison with the country at large. Employment in our region is also increasing at a higher rate than the national average. And more and more companies are being started – last year 8,200 new companies were registered, an increase of 9.1% compared with the year before. We are not only growing stronger, we are also growing in size. Our labour market region has grown together with Trollhättan and Uddevalla according to Statistics Sweden latest figures. As a result, 1.4 million inhabitants now live in the commuting region, which strengthens the conditions for growth throughout the region. 

Download the report here

The Yard – Next level tech innovations

In the wake of the industrial transformation and the increasingly strong economy in Gothenburg, there are enormous opportunities for tech companies to develop tomorrow’s solutions together with large, world-leading customers. More people are discovering this. Utilizing both interest and initiative will be crucial for our region. The Yard is a new area, located at the best possible place at Lindholmen, here we are making room for bright new ideas. Our plans for the future include a well-developed infrastructure, access to innovation support and financing in flexible premises. The cost level being reasonable will allow small start-ups, exciting scale-s and established companies to all fit in the same area, being able to share everything from facilities to ideas. Welcome to the Yard! 

Inslagna julklappar
Kvarteret Victoria i vinterskrud

Saltet – established a creative zone at Ringön

Ringön five years ago was a hidden and forgotten gem in Gothenburg. Old and ruff, only populated during the day and with a shady reputation. The Gothenburg 400 anniversary project “Saltet” saw the potential and has for the past five years worked to develop the area. safeguarding the old and ruff but also inviting the young and new, creating a perfect mix between industry and culture, with affordable rents and with a flourishing network. 80 new companies has established a business here and the populated hours has increased. Now the work for “Saltet” has come to an end and there are handing over to the non-profit member organization “Ringöns nätverk”. Stay tuned for an interesting future for Ringön!

Sweden’s industrial centre with competence beyond the ordinary

The Gothenburg region’s importance as the industrial centre of Sweden continues to grow, at the same time as the industrial employment decreases. How does that work? Every fifth employee in a private company in the Gothenburg region are working in ICT and Business services and the proportion of engineers and scientists is significantly higher than in the rest of the country. In our region, 92 out of 1,000 employees have a background from natural sciences or engineering, compared with 60 in Stockholm region and 44 in Malmö region. “To get a job in the Gothenburg region requires more knowledge than in the rest of the country”, says Peter Warda, senior analyst at Business Region Göteborg.

Read more about competence in the Gothenburg region
Människor i jultåg genom stan
Praliner med röd cirkel och siffran 6

Hydrogen garbage trucks are here to stay… eh, roll!

Swedens first-ever hydrogen-powered truck for refuse collection is rolling the streets of Gothenburg. Christmas is a serious waste-generator, and with that in mind it feels better knowing that all the waste in Gothenburg is collected by vehicles rolling sustainably. Since 2015 all of the garbage company Renova’s heavy vehicles run on fossil-free fuel, in 2019 came the first fully electric truck and this year the first hydrogen-powered truck started rolling the streets. Good for the environment and good for us! Follow the links to Scania and Powercell for more information.

Gothenburg is one of the most creative cities in the world

In November this year, Gothenburg became Sweden’s first City of Literature within UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. We were elected based on our vibrant community of non-profit organisations and our literary community, complemented by welfare initiatives, reading promotion projects an international collaboration. In addition, we are home to a number of thriving professional and non-profit literary organisations, literature festivals and the Gothenburg Book Fair, which is the Nordic region’s largest international cultural event. And also, a book is always the perfect Christmas present, soon the award-winning book “Collected works” by Lydia Sandgren will be published in English. Want to find out more? Check out the Gothenburg Magazine.

Read the article about Lydia here
Levande ljus, öppen spis, cirkel med siffran 7
Julgranar framför poseidon

Gothenburg is a driver of growth in Sweden

Some of the latest figures from Gothenburg show, that we have a net export of almost SEK 50 billion. This compared to the negative figures presented by the two other metropolitan regions in Sweden. Therefor, we can safely state that Gothenburg continues to drive the Swedish growth. And the international interest in Gothenburg increases! During the past decade 1,600 foreign-owned companies, and 2,300 workplaces have been established in our region. This corresponds to a growth of 253 % and 321 %. Employment in foreign-owned companies has also increased at a record pace over the same period, just over 81,000 more people have been employed in these companies, corresponding to a growth of 451 %.

More facts from Gothenburg

Top hundred according to Time Magazine

Gothenburg being one of the best places in the world is old news to us living here. You don’t believe us? Check out Time Magazines summer edition ranking the world’s 100 best places – only one Swedish city was on the list. Which one? But of course – Gothenburg! With 400 years of experience, and still curious and young at heart. Being a true heaven for foodies, for example check out the newly opened restaurants Monopolet and Dugges Pils among many others. All can be found via this link!

Read the Time Magazine article here
Ute på shoppingtur
Pepparkakor med glasyr

Dentists first choice – Odontology at University of Gothenburg No 1 in the world

Plenty of sweets and maybe too sticky fudge? Not to worry, if celebrating Christmas in Gothenburg, you are in the right place. The University of Gothenburg takes top position in odontology in this year’s edition of “QS World University Rankings by Subject”. This report is one of the world’s most famous rankings of universities. - Even if we are now in first place, we have been in the top ten for years, which testifies to the stability of our work. Both nationally and internationally the institution is strong, and has been for generations, and it is great that we still are in the top of the rankings, says Peter Lingström, Professor and head of the Institute of Odontology, part of Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg. 

Read more about the ranking here

The importance of feeling safe

One of our challenges and high up on everyone’s agenda – a safer Gothenburg. Finally, we see signs of a positive development. In a unique collaboration, Volvo Cars, Stena Property and AB Framtiden is investing in social sustainability in the vulnerable area Tynnered. The goal is, by 2025 Tynnered should be an area characterized by hope and entrepreneurship. The three partners are investing in schools, in after school and after work activities, in business development and in sustainable urban development. 

Det röda julhjärtat med siffran 11

One of the fastest growing regions in Europe

The Gothenburg region is in the middle of the largest urban development project in our modern history. SEK 1,000 will be invested in in new developments and infrastructure over the next two decades and an additional 120,000 jobs will be created by 2045. Central Gothenburg will double in size. This attracts investments to an extent we have never seen before, the international interest is record high. And of course, our region develops with a clear focus on liveability and sustainability, for example, the test bed “Sustainable Smart Parks, smart green areas of the future are being tested. 


Awarded for best sustainable architecture

Congratulations to “Nodi”! This all-timber building was awarded the Best Business Building 2021 by Dezeen Magazine. The judges’ comments: “This project demonstrates very good use of tall timber with quite a magnificent execution and a lot of sensitivity architecturally and technically. This is a wonderful example of sustainability. There’s something really great about shedding dependency on concrete.” Project for Next Step Group, architect was White Arkitekter, constructor BRA Group.

Read more here
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Kvarnbyn i Mölndal i kvällsljus med grå cirkel och siffran 14

One of Europes best and brightest investment destinations

Says who? This time it is fDi Magazine, part of Financial Times. They present the “European Cities and Regions of the Future” report every year and in the last ranking Gothenburg was placed 9th overall (compared to 319 cities) and 2nd in the category “Human capital and lifestyle” and 5th in “Business friendliness”. To sum it up, Gothenburg is an attractive region to invest in!

Red the full article here

Gothenburg – the smartest city in Europe

We won the competition being the “European Capital of Smart Tourism” for 2020. Why? Because we are accessible, sustainable, digital and creative. We have developed our own way of driving innovation and change through collaboration. We are going from smart to smarter and being a role-model for smart tourism destinations.

More about Smart tourism here
Snö och snöbollskrig på Göteborgs gator med blå cirkel och siffran 15
Avenyn i snö med orange cirkel och siffran 16

Gothenburg’s economy stronger than before the pandemic

The business life in the Gothenburg region is booming! The economy in Gothenburg recovered at a record pace and the business cycle indicator showed that the boom was already back in the second quarter of 2021. The export situation is strong and the outlook for 2022 remains good. The number of advertised jobs is rising sharply, the employment growing and unemployment is dropping. The hospitality industry and the in real life shopping has developed nicely, closing in on the pre-pandemic levels. 

Read the news and download the Economic Outlook report here

Gothenburg takes place in space

In Gothenburg we know what is going on in space, our space-history goes way back and we have a prominent position in the international space industry with great companies, outstanding space research and world-class education. Half of the Swedish space-workforce live and work here and we also account for two thirds of the Swedish space industry turnover. Read our articles on Space, follow links belo.

"We have unique capabilities" 

"RUAG Space - supplier to SpaceX" 

"Omnisys - Space industry drives technologicl advancement"

Julgranar med blå cirkel och siffran 17

A Christmas star

The star is one of the most recognisable symbols for Christmas and stars can also be found in universe. More specifically, the breath-taking amount of about 200 TRILLION, or 200 followed by 21 zeros: 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (are you counting 😊?) A more tangible picture of space can be found at Universeum – the national science centre of Sweden. They invite you to a space journey and answers some of Christmas mysteries. For example how the traditional Swedish dance around the Christmas tree would look like on the moon. 

Shoppinggata i jultid, orange cirkel med siffran 18

World-class Life Science cluster in Gothenburg

The Life Science cluster in Gothenburg is growing stronger by the day. At Sahlgrenska University Hospital a new international knowledge centre for research and education is being developed. The project has been named Sahlgrenska Life and is dedicated to highly specialized life science research and business development, a perfect complement to the business incubator Sahlgrenska Science Park. Only a few kilometres away another life science investment is taking shape. The GoCo Health Innovation City will bring people and companies together, facilitating a space for inspiring collaboration and co-innovation. The goal is a vibrant neighbourhood with 7,000 new jobs, office spaces, public premises, restaurants, gym and housing for researchers and students. 

Outdoor Christmas activity

Fresh air is good for both body and soul. The Gothenburg region offers meny fantastic outdoor activities, this time of year also with elements of Christmas. For example at Nääs Castle, where you can go on a search for Santa Claus himself, ride a pony, listen to Nääs Christmas Choir. Or Christmas at the castle park Gräfsnäs, with guided tour of the park and exciting performances. 

Gothenburg’s ICT- sector is on fire

“The great wave of digitalisation that is currently sweeping over Swedish industry, and major investments in innovation and research, puts Gothenburg in general and the area Lindholmen in particular at the forefront being hottest in the ICT sector in Sweden” writes Computer Sweden in an article earlier this year. Investments like GoCo Heath Innovation City and the development in mobility, electrification and digitalisation attracts many companies to Gothenburg creating space for new ideas. Keep in mind: Precisely, Adway, Adfenix, Forza Football, Tibco Spotfire, Winningtemp, Renable, Trine, Sleep Cycle, Annotell, Greenbyte, Bokio, Insert Coin, Imbox, Parakey, Recorded Future, Monocle and Minna Technologies to mention a few. All with a great future ahead. 

Read more here
Skärgården i vinterskrud, aprikos cirkel med siffran 19

A tech-Christmas!

We would love to learn more about the tech industry in Gothenburg, and about all the interesting tech companies established here. If you want to tell a great story about a tech company, visit our LinkedIn page and comment on the Christmas countdown post no 19!

Paddan med kör i julstaden, grå cirkel med siffran 20

Gothenburg leads the way towards the future of transportation

In recent years, news about how Gothenburg is leading the way towards a more sustainable future for transportation has come one after the other. The goal at sight: The entire transport system must be fossil-free, electrified, and quiet by 2030. The automotive cluster in our region is presenting a world-leading value chain and the investments by companies and organisations are attracting international attention. For example Gothenburg Green City Zone, an initiative for testing new technology in both vehicles and infrastructure. A completely new emission-free transport system requires a lot of thinking – and doing it together in a spirit of collaboration!

A Christmas activity

A century ago, horses was a common sight on the streets of Gothenburg. If you want to see horses today, usually you need to visit one of the many stables in our region, except during the coming weeks up until Christmas when children can ride ponies in the urban district Haga. Haga is worth a visit even if you are not a child or not interested in riding, take a stroll and feel the Christmas spirit, listen to music, find gifts and enjoy all the festivities offered. Find out more here.

Gothenburg at the top when the world’s sustainable cities are ranked

Gothenburg is a green and sustainable destination. For the fifth time in a row we are ranked no 1 when over 70 cities around the world are compared in the Global Destination Sustainability Index. And over the past year, we were able to add another sustainability award to the list. Lonely Planet named Gothenburg “Best Sustainable City Stay” among all the cities in the world.

More reasons to visit
The river city and a blue circle with the number 21

A sustainable Christmas excursion!

In Mölndal, part of the Gothenburg Region you can visit Gunnebo House and Garden, winner of the "Stepping up Sustainability Award" 2021. Gunnebo has had a strong environmental focus for many years including everything from the restaurants to the land to the administration. During Christmas you can find sustainable festive food, sustainable Christmas present and fun activities for the whole family.

Liseberg med grå boll

The first International House in Sweden

In September this year, International House Gothenburg, the first one-stop-shop for international professionals in Sweden, was inaugurated. This is the perfect meeting place for talents who are new in Sweden, designed to offer activities, services and guidance for easy integration into the Gothenburg community. And we need international talents, yesterday, today, and tomorrow! It is a necessary part of our development and crucial to our success. Young or old, established or temporary, we are very happy to welcome them all here!

Read about International House Gothenburg

A Christmas event!

In december every year we arrange an event to welcom all the international talent living in our region. This year we welcome guest from 30 different countries. We are so happy and proud to have them all here!

Gothenburg – the best logistics location in Sweden

For almost two decades Gothenburg has been ranked as Sweden’s number one logistics location. Why? Because at the heart of our region we have Port of Gothenburg, the largest port in Scandinavia, and also major new logistics establishments, new land areas, a highly efficient transport infrastructure and advanced education and research. 

Read more about the logistics sector
röda lampor och en blå boll med siffran 23

A Christmas excursion!

Port of Gothenburg is the pulsating heart of our region and a gateway to the rest of the world. But you don't have to go out in the world, there is a lot to discover right here. For example our fantastic archipelago, equally beautiful in winter as in sommer! Visit the island of Öckerö, easily accesible by car with a short ferryride or the islands of Styrsö or Brännö, by tram and ferry. Do you dare go for a winter bath?


Gothenburg - the innovation powerhouse of Sweden

The Gothenburg region is the Innovation Powerhouse of Sweden. In 2019, with 33.4 percent of companies' national R&D expenditure invested in our region we passed Stockholm as innovation leader. We also account for 64 percent of the total increase in Sweden. The larger the investment in research and development, the greater the chance of innovations and new jobs being created. Gothenburg being no 1 is no coincidence. Here we dare to test - we have more test beds than any other region in Sweden. And in our Science Parks it's bubbling with innovative power. For example Lindholmen Science Park, both a dynamic area and an arena for collaboration across geographical borders.

A Christmas anecdote

Speaking about innovation. The swedish traditional electric advent candle stick was invented by Oscar Andersson from Gothenburg. Istead of discarding broken strings of light, he took them apart and reused the parts that worked and put them on a candlestick. A new tradition was born, circular, safe and innovative!

MIPIM Göteborgs monter med stadsmodellen i mitten

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