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Jul på Liserberg med torngran och ljussatta träd i kvällsljus

Join us for a Christmas Countdown!

As we now enter the last month of the year, it is once again time to present Gothenburg's Christmas Countdown with proud and exciting facts about the Gothenburg region. Starting December 1 we present one proud fact everyday until we celebrate christmas on December 24. 

In 2022, we have seen great challenges and tragedies in the world around us. We have been horrified by Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and we have been concerned about developments at home. At the same time, Gothenburg's business community has delivered a smashing year, attracting attention from all over the world. Positions have been moved forward, new solutions have been tested and challenges have been accepted.

We want to pay tribute to all of our companies, our collaborations, entrepreneurs, talents etc by giving you a proud fact everyday until Christmas Eve! Enjoy! 


One proud fact everyday

Ljus och tomtar 1 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Katarina Innocenti

Proud fact Grand Final!

We have been counting down, presenting different proud facts about Gothenburg everyday throughout December. There are so many good examples of what Gothenburg's business community does for Gothenburg and how entrepreneurs with courage, commitment and action contribute to the region's attractiveness. In our final slot today, on Christmas eve, we do not intend to highlight any single example. Today we want to pay tribute to every entrepreneur in the Gothenburg region. We want to celebrate all of you who have a dream and dare to invest in it, who challenge, who try new things and who persevere. We know it's anything but easy. Thank you for continuing to fight - without you, Gothenburg will perish!

Today, Gothenburg creates attention all over the world. We show that heart, warmth, innovation, collaboration, and strong drive are connected. In 2023, we will continue the story of Gothenburg, together with all the region's fantastic entrepreneurs! Make sure to join us, preferably IRL but at least follow us in our different channels. If you need help, we are all here to assist you, check out our contact page >>

Many thanks also to Håkan Strömberg at the Gothenburg City Museum for all the exciting Christmas stories about old Gothenburg that we have been able to share in connection with the Christmas calendar.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Fun fact: On Christmas Eve 1659, King Charles X1 arrives in Gothenburg to hold a parliamentary meeting. He and the family move into the current Residence, and for a few weeks Gothenburg is the capital of Sweden, although it doesn't end so well. The king catches a cold and dies in February 1660.


Liseberg i snöskrud 2 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Andreas Eriksson, Mostphotos

More jobs and low unemployment

Despite tough times, jobs are being created in the Gothenburg region and more are on the way. New establishments, investments in R&D and great successes for the business community lead to more jobs. From 2016 to 2035, 120,000 more jobs will be created, and we are well on our way, with 30 000 created from 2020. In this context, we also want to highlight the fact that, year after year, the Gothenburg region has the lowest unemployment of the country's metropolitan regions. Unemployment in the Gothenburg region is currently at 5.6%, in Stockholm at 6.4% and in Malmö at 8.8%. The average in Sweden is 6.6%.

Read more about the fast growing region here >>

The Facts & Figures report >>

Jul på Liseberg 3 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Emil Bredmar

Gothenburg - the innovation powerhouse of Sweden

Gothenburg is strenghtening its place as the country's innovation powerhouse. Today, twice as much money is invested in research and development in the Gothenburg region compared to 2013, with an extra large increase over the past few years.

A recent report from Business Region Göteborg shows that the companies in Västra Götaland account for 34 percent of the private R&D expenditure in Sweden,. Together, West Swedish companies spent SEK 44.5 billion on R&D in 2021. That is one billion more than the companies in the Stockholm region, according to Statistics Sweden.

A large portion of Industrial Sweden is now switching to more sustainable production. And most of the industry is based here in Western Sweden. The transition is driving investment and research efforts by the business community and are making sure the companies are staying ahead of the development. Our tradition to collaborate is also a strong reason behind our position as the innovation powerhouse of Sweden, the collaborative spirit in combination with us being a sustainability frontrunner is leading the way for the companies investment in research and development.  

Read the full article here >>

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knäck 4 christmas calendar
Photo credit: Madeleine Johansson

GoCo Health Innovation Centre

GoCo Health Innovation City is the Gothenburg region's new city center for health and life science. Over 200,000 square meters are being developed, next to one of Astra Zeneca's three globally strategic research facilities, to attract researchers, entrepreneurs, companies, and talent from around the world. The vision is to create a vibrant world-leading center for health innovations, where collaboration, exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer between actors will help develop new business initiatives and innovations. In 2022, the actors involved doubled the investment to reach the goal of 8,000 new jobs, space for 350 companies and 500 apartments by 2028.

The countdown is now underway to the inauguration of GoCo House, which will be the signature building and the very heart of the area. With its 21,000 square meters, the building will be filled with offices for everyone, from small to large companies, restaurant, cafe, conference spaces, co-working, and studio. In February 2023, the doors to GoCo House will open. One of the first tenants will be Volvo Cars.

Founding partners are Next Step Group and Vectura Fastigheter. But just recently Chalmers joined as a new founding partner together with AstraZeneca, Fujirebio Diagnostics, Sahlgrenska Academy, Wellspect HealthCare and Mölnlycke Healthcare.

Welcome to a world-class health innovation cluster with collaboration built into its core!

Read more about the investment here >>

Read more about the signature building here >>


Tältning i snö 5 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Mimmi Bodén

Electric air travel Gothenburg

Imagine being able to fly quietly and without shame! Soon it will become reality. Heart Aerospace is gearing up its R&D operations from 150 to 500 employees in Gothenburg. The company will build prototypes and perform test flights before starting final assembly of electric airplanes for 30 passengers in 2028. A completely new industry for electric aircraft is being built based on today's operations at Säve Airport. Chalmers and RISE's joint venture "Swedish electric transport laboratory" SEEL is already on site.

Read more about investment in electric planes here >>

Read more about how Gothenburg will become greener with the new industry >> 

Fun fact: In Gothenburg we have a great tram network dating back to the 19th century. Starting out as a private business in 1899 the city of Gothenburg bought the whole network including tracks, wagons, sheds and – horses! Back then the trams where pulled by horses and at the time as many as 150!

Ljus på Liseberg 6 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Frida Winter for Göteborg&Co

The Tranzero initiative

The transition of the transport sector to fossil-free alternatives must increase in pace, both at sea, in the port and on land. Therefore, the Tranzero Initiative, a collaboration between the Volvo Group, Scania, Stena Line and the Port of Gothenburg, was launched. The goal is to considerably reduce carbon dioxide emissions linked to the largest port in Nordics. The direct land transports to and from the Port of Gothenburg each year account for one million truck transports and emissions of 55 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Through the Tranzero Initiative, these emissions should be reduced by 70 percent by 2030. The initiative also includes the electrification of maritime transport.

The Port of Gothenburg will put the necessary infrastructure in place and provide access to fossil-free fuels for heavy vehicles, including as electric power, HVO, biogas and hydrogen gas. Volvo and Scania will secure the commercial side for their heavy truck customers and Stena Line are bringing fossil-free vessels into service on the Gothenburg – Fredrikshavn route by 2030, realizing their vision with its battery-powered vessel Stena Elektra. The Tranzero initiative is a big step forward for the transport sector reducing its reliance on fossil fuels.

Read more about the Tranzero initiative here >>

Read more about the first charging station for hydrogen gas >>

Utanför saluhallen 7 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Madeleine Johansson

Historic Maritime Research Center

What hides under the surface of the sea? This is being investigated at one of the oldest marine research stations in the world's, the Kristineberg Centre. In a recent project seven actors, University of Gothenburg, Chalmers, KTH, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, RISE, Innovatum Science Park and Lysekil municipality, have joined forces to open up the station to researchers and other actors. The goal is to learn how to increase the use of the sea's resources, and foremost how to use in a more sustainable way. Here, materials are tested for marine use, for example for waves and wind power. Here, they also look at how beach erosion can be prevented with the help of seaweed and how we can use more food from the sea. Blue food has enormous potential for a more sustainable future. A large number of research projects are ongoing and visiting researchers from all over the world come here for field and lab work. The future is blue and blue is green!

Read more about Kristineberg Research Centre here >>

Fun fact: Candles are cozy and festive, but as everyone knows, they are also a fire hazard. Gothenburg has taken that seriously. At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a cannon near Lindholmen. Every night it was fired as a signal telling all ships in the harbour to extinguish all lights and fires. It was time to sleep!

Julkulor i massor 8 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Katarina Innocenti

The best hotel concept in the world!

Is your dream of a home on the horizon? Visit Pater Noster, the lighthouse in the Western Sea it has opened its doors to guests from all over the world. Never could the old lighthouse keeper have guessed the international impact his home would one day have. Among all the nominations and awards, it was topped off with the AHEAD Awards, appointing Pater Noster and the design agency Stylt as winners of the AHEAD global New Concept award – the world's best overall concept that unites architecture, design and experiences. This is considered to be the most important competition for the international hotel and hospitality industry.

If your dream isn't a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, there are plenty of other hotels in the region. The latest additions include Jacy'z, which offers an entire resort in one of the new skyscrapers that have changed the Gothenburg skyline, or The Pier out on Lindholmen, a hotel with an international touch where East meets West. Next year we can also look forward to the opening of Gothenburg's tallest hotel, when Draken (the Dragon) is awakened, which in addition to a hotel and a skybar will offer a new cultural scene and meeting place for the Gothenburg region.

For more hotels and fun things to do in Gothenburg, follow this link >>

For more info about the best hotel concept in the world (google translate) >>

Klädesholmen i vinterskrud 9 christmas countdown

Safe in Gothenburg!

One important goal for Gothenburg is to be an equal city, where everyone - regardless of where you grow up - can feel faith in the future and develop their ability to support themselves. Where everyone gets a reasonable chance. That is the reason behind a series of handshakes taking place between the municipality and the business communities for the areas that are, or have been, particularly vulnerable.

First out was the district Tynnered, where Volvo Cars, Stena Fastigheter (property owner) and Familjebostäder (municipality property owner) offer breakfast in two schools five days a week, they organize homework help and have succeeded in increasing the amount of summer jobs offered with several hundred percent in two years. More and more people are getting contacts and networks into the job market.

This year, AB Volvo has started similar work in district Biskopsgården, together with the real estate company Willhem and Bostadsbolaget (municipality property owner). Saab recently did the same in Bergsjön, together with Balder. More handshakes are to be expected.

The driver behind the whole model is the Framtiden group (owner of both Familjebostäder and Bostadsbolaget), a municipality owned group, which manages the homes of every fourth citizen of Gothenburg. Framtiden invests SEK 11 billion in reversing the development and is now receiving broad support from the business community. It is about strengthening and scaling up initiatives that are already taking place, strengthening local entrepreneurs, and gathering all forces to increase security, so that more people will qualify for upper secondary school and get a good start in life.


Pepparkakshus 10 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Anna-Lena Johansson

 Tech companies on the rise in Gothenburg!

During 2022, many high-profile tech companies have fallen sharply in valuation, and have been forced to shift focus from growth to profitability. But at the same time many Gothenburg companies have come up with good news. After five years, Mimbly has launched its Mimbox, which purifies water and recovers heat from washing machines. Cleanmotion's new electric tricycle EVIG can transport goods in cities with the help of solar cells placed on the roof. And the newly started Xpektor will help companies predict their finances.

Investors are also beginning to open their eyes to the innovation companies from Gothenburg, and are getting help from new players such as Nordic Node:

- Fintech company Juni raised a billion from heavy investors, and is aiming at rapid expansion with e-commerce companies as customers.

- MIT- and Chalmers-linked quantum computer maker Atlantic Quantum received $9 million in seed funding.

- AdWay is automating the process of talent attraction. The company recently raised €10 million from Octopus Ventures, Spintop and Brightly.

- Heap is helping car owners to share their car via app, and has raised SEK 10 million.

- Also Einride had a successful round! They raised SEK 5 billion. The company, with its AI-based logistics solutions for electric trucks and autonomous driving, also has tremendous growth in its customer list: DB Schenker, Electrolux, GE Appliances, Inbevs, Mærsk, Lidl, Oatly...

And Lumenradio was also recently listed on the stock exchange. Nice!

In Gothenburg, at Lindholmen, the heart of Scandinavia’s mobility centre we are opening The Yard, here is room to launch the ideas of the future. Regardless of whether you are new to the industry, a scaleup company in progress or a tech company on the move, we offer you opportunities to meet, challenge, test and create tomorrow's solutions.

Visit the Yard >>

The Gothenburg Tech calendar.

There is a lot happening on the tech scene in Gothenburg. Here we have gathered the tech events in one place. Participate in knowledge-enhancing seminars, training courses, workshops and network meetings, or present your own event.

The Gothenburg tech calendar >>

En stor pyntad julgran 11 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Mimmi Bodén

The most sustainable destination in the world!

Gothenburg is number one, for the 6th time in a row, congrats to us! The Global Destination Sustainability Movement has awarded us the prize in fierce competition between 70 cities around the world. And they rank sustainability in all three dimensions, ecological, social, and economic.

To get high in the ranking, it is not only important that the hospitality industry with facilities and hotels are committed and involved, but also how the city in general works with matters related to sustainability. And here we are strong - both when it comes to collaboration and also the long-term work.

Assessment and scoring is based on 71 different criteria that cover everything from emissions of greenhouse gases, recycling, accessibility, inclusion, safety and security, sustainability-certified hotels and restaurants to the sustainability strategies in both public and private actors.

Read more about our sustainable destination here>>

Fun fact: We also have the world's most sustainable Opera House in Gothenburg! Visit the Göteborg Opera here>> 

Luciatåg 12 Christmas countdown

Mobility ❤ Göteborg

The heart of the Swedish automotive industry beats in the Gothenburg region. Here we have, not only a unique combination of development of vehicles and mobility solutions, but also the entire ecosystem within vehicles and mobility with everything from test environments, world-leading research and development to the production of actual vehicles. Large international companies come together and collaborate with small innovative start-ups and scale-ups with the goal of driving development towards a future that is sustainable, connected and electrified. With Northvolt's and Volvo's large investments in Torslanda and the city's ambition to become climate neutral by 2030, Gothenburg shows that we are a leader in the development of sustainable mobility.

Read more about electrified transports in Gothenburg>>

Read the article about collaboration and electromobility>>

Fun fact: Today we are celebrating Lucia, the festival of light - an annual candlelit procession with girls and boys in white full-length gowns singing special Lucia hymns together. Lucia, is wearing light in her hair, a crown of candles (electric in most cases).In summer we celebrate Midsummer and in winter Lucia, probably two of the strongest cultural traditions in Sweden. The Lucia tradition also include saffron-flavoured buns (lussekatter) shaped like curled-up cats, with raisin eyes.

Julljus 13 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Emil Bredmar

Add color to Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, art and cultural and creative industries play an important role in the development of the city. On example of this is the art project "23 km of art" - a 23 km long cycle path between the Kulturhuset Blå stället in Angered and Röda Sten Konsthall, which connects the city with artwork and paintings. Along the route you will find everything from mural paintings, to ground paintings, painted birdhouses and pimped trash cans. The artworks are created by artists locally, nationally and internationally but the actual painting has usually been done by people who are training to be painters.

The art project is part of Gothenburg's 400th anniversary and is run by "Sätt farg på Gothenburg" which is a color and education project with a focus on particularly vulnerable residential areas and young people far from the labor market.

Read more here (google translate)>>

Or already translated>>

Kvarteret Victoria i snö 14 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Katarina Innocenti

Welcome to Gothenburg!

During this past year, Business Region Göteborg has assisted several companies establish their business in our region. This contributes to strengthen Gothenburg and develop the city's attractiveness. We can help companies and investors in many ways and on every level from providing information to being a guiding partner the entire way. Here are some of the companies that choose Gothenburg in 2022, welcome!

  • Blue tomato, one of Europe's leading store chains in action sports, chooses Gothenburg when entering the Swedish market with their first store. News article>>

  • Lindholmen became the location for H2X Global's headquarters when they expand their operations to northern Europe to supply hydrogen-powered vehicles to, among others, the waste management company Renova. News article>>
  • Apex-AI, a US-based software developer for the automotive industry, chooses Gothenburg for its European venture. Another proof that the region's expertise in vehicle electronics is at the global top level. News article>>

  • Pharmarelations, a full-service partner to the Nordic life science scene expands and opens offices at Sahlgrenska Science Park, in Gothenburg to be in the centre of the life science sector in Sweden. News article>>

  • Gothenburg-based Ecoride is betting on strong growth and moving its final assembly of electric bikes from Poland to a new factory in Arendal. The electric bicycle manufacturer gathers headquarters, development, final assembly and warehouse in Hisingen. News article>>
Vinter i skärgården 15 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Sofia McConell

The logistics capital

Welcome to the Scandinavian gateway to the world! Already in the 18th century, the citizens of Gothenburg realized the opportunities our unbeatable location offered. Scandinavia's largest port was developed here, and goods are now being moved by direct lines to the most important markets on all continents. But it doesn’t stop there; a number of large logistics companies have chosen to locate their headquarters here, the shipping industry is growing to such an extent on Donsö, Landvetter is home to Sweden's second largest airport and, in addition, Chalmers and Gothenburg University offer world-class research and education in the field of logistics.

Read more about the logistics sector in Gothenburg >>

Fun fact: Hazelnuts certainly belong to Christmas, but they were once an important export item from the forests of Västra Götaland. The protein-rich and easy-to-store nuts were sold in barrels, and in the year 1671, 975 barrels were exported fro the port of Gothenburg.

fasader vid magasinsgatan i Göteborg i snö 16 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg&Co

Gothenburg – one of 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030

We have made up our mind - we will become climate neutral by 2030! Together with 99 other cities in Europe, we have been selected to test and develop new solutions to reach our goal. It is about reduced traffic, energy conversion and urban planning - all to prevent and reduce the risks of climate change. Here we can benefit from our excellence in innovation and cooperation. We have well-functioning test beds in place, for example Gothenburg Green City Zone and good experiences of using the entire city as an arena for testing new products or services. The extra resources that we get access to through the appointment, both financially, but also in terms of competence, mean that we can do even more, even faster. We aim for 2030!

Read more about the 100 climate-neutral and smart cities here >>

Fun fact: On this very day, December 9 back in 1910, new ground was broken in Gothenburg when the city council welcomed its first female members, Tyra Kullgren and Frida Hjertberg.

Näss slott i skymning och vinter, 17 christmas countdown

Award-winning entrepreneurs

The Gothenburg region puts great effort into making it easier for people to start their own business. Since the year 2000, the number of start-ups in the region has more than doubled. Last year around 9,000 new companies were started and the numbers for 2022 are closing in. The expanding business community in Gothenburg is showing great initiative and commitment, contributing to the welfare of our region. The small and medium-sized companies account for 51 percent of the region's total value added. 235,000 employees work in these companies and contribute to our welfare. And they do a fantastic job. Here are some examples of companies, entrepreneurs and profiles that walked that extra mile and was rewarded for their efforts. 

Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Sara Serray, Wellibites

Young Pioneer of the Year - Zaid Saeed, Scalinq AB

Sweden’s Cooperative of the Year - Vägen ut! kooperativen (google translate)

Finance profile of Gothenburg 2022 - Annelie, Forsberg at Lindex

Key to Gothenburg - Novo Energy

Best start-ups in Sweden: (from Ny teknik 33-list)


Wavr Tech AB




Heart Aerospace


Entrén till Liseberg med pariserhjul och ljusgran 18 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Emil Bredmar

All-time-high for the hospitality industry!

The summer of 2022 showed all-time high for the hospitality industry in Gothenburg. We had more visitors and overnight guests than ever before. All the events together had record attendance and many tourists paid the archipelago a visit. Liseberg and the hotels in our region experienced a record breaking number of guests. This positive trend followed us into September with number of guests on par with 2019 and with a lot of bookings of business meetings, conferences and city breaks. Also October had great results, especially during mid-weeks. Since November things have slowed down but in total we can count on the number of guest nights for the entire year 2022 to be on par with 2019!

 For more information about the hospitality industry, visit Göteborg&Co >>

Fun fact: The beautiful castle of Tjolöholm was awarded a treasure of European Film Culture. This castle in Tudor style has been location for many movies for the past century. Read more here>>

Närbild på gran med ljus och kulor med 19 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Eva-Lena Albihn

The Battery factory! 

On the 4th of February this year, Gothenburg had the best reason to celebrate. Northvolt and Volvo Cars finally made the decision to locate their first joint battery factory in Torslanda, next to Volvo's final assembly factory. The battery factory is starting production in 2025 and, fully developed, supply batteries to almost half a million cars annually. The factory will employ close to 3,000 people in production, support and management and the indirect effect will be thousands of additional jobs in our region. Northvolt and Volvo Cars are investing SEK 30 billion in their joint venture and this factory will be the first production facility being built.

By the way, did you know that Gothenburg's wastewater will cool the battery factory? Göteborg Energi is developing a unique solution together with the city of Gothenburg, Gryab and Kretslopp&Vatten. The wastewater will be able to heat both industrial as well as other properties.

Another interesting fact, is that 3,500 frogs, amphibians, toads and salamanders, as well as around 80 reptiles, copper lizards, wood lizards and some smaller snooks and a hazel grouse has been relocated from the area. Great efforts have been made to make them feel at home at their new location on the edge of Volvo's northern factory area. Reports tells us they are doing just fine!

Read more about the battery factory here >>

Read more about the process of using wastewater for cooling (google translate) >>

Fun fact: Did you know that battery production started in Gothenburg as early as 1914? It was the Tudor company that started up in Nol, just outside of Gothenburg. They managed to manufacture 2 million car batteries for Volvo and also supply the Swedish navy's submarines with batteries.

Julkulor i brunt och vitt siffran 20 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Madeleine Johansson

Wireless charging

Do you find it difficult to make time for all the different glittering Christmas parties? The solution we suggest is to book an all-electric taxi. This is currently being tested in cooperation between several actors. The Wireless charging project started this year and will run for another three years, taxis will be wirelessly charged in the centre of Gothenburg. It is the taxi operator Cabonline that drives Volvo's all-electric Volvo XC40 with the help of charging technology developed by Momentum Dynamics (InductEV) and supplied by Göteborg Energi. Göteborg Energi has also made the installations on special parking spaces and for all of us, just book and hop on. The Wireless charging project is in real time testing exciting new technology that can affect our urban environment and you and I will arrive in time for the Christmas festivities. It's what we call a win-win!

Read more about Wireless charging here >>

Fun fact: On December 5, 1846, Gothenburg was the first city in Sweden to switch lighting the street lights with gas instead of oil.

sexarmade ljus som brinner med siffran 21 christmas countdown
Photo credit: Katarina Innocenti

120 company visits in one day

Running a business in Gothenburg should be easy. Our goal is to be one of the metropolitan regions in Europe with the best business climate. Meeting all our entrepreneurs and listening to their needs is extremely valuable. On a sunny day in May, 132 officials and politicians from the City of Gothenburg visited a total of 122 companies all in one day. They met with companies from all over the municipality, from Gothenburg's southern archipelago to Angered's industrial area, from the city centre to the areas of Sisjön, Biskopsgården and Gamlestan. No topic was to small, everything from parking spaces, serving permits, security, building permit management to school, land and premises, long delivery times, price increases and not least the big challenge around the supply of skills was discussed. This fantastic Company Visit Day will be held annually. 



Julros i snö christmas countdown 22
Photo credit Eva-Lena Albihn

BK Häcken, Swedish soccer champions!

On Sunday 30 October, the soccer team BK Häcken became Swedish champions, for the first time ever on the men's side. Not the usual story we present here on Invest in Gothenburg but such a fantastic effort needs to be recognized! Also because the off-field play has had a decisive importance for the team's success with a unique way of collaborating closely with business partners. BK Häcken is also the founder of Gothia Cup, the largest youth soccer tournament in the world. The soccer club is situated on the island Hisingen, a very expansive part of Gothenburg with large companies such as Volvo, Geely and Port of Gothenburg, and also with the dynamic Lindholmen Science Park, home to with roughly 400 companies. 

If you understand Swedish, we recommend the Business Gothenburg podcast about the success of BK Häcken, the business life perspective and take part in the reasoning about how a relatively small challenger from Hisingen can establish itself among the big clubs in Sweden, both on the women's and men's side. There is undoubtedly much to be proud of at Hisingen.

Listen to the podcast here (in swedish) >>


A picture from Haga in our Christmas Countdown
Photo credit: Happy Visuals, Göteborg&Co

Gothenburg attracts international talent!

Gothenburg is Sweden's most internationalized regions, throughout history international talent has found its way here and still do. Every year, the region attracts around 10,000 international talents. 2022 is no exception. The international competence is a valuable contribution to meet the needs of companies and strengthen the region's competitiveness. It develops our cutting-edge competence and contributes to increased diversity. For companies, universities and for all the talent that comes here, the region offers two valuable resources: Move to Gothenburg and International House Gothenburg (Sweden's first and only international house). Today, the second of December, 200 of the region's international talents meet at the annual Expat Day - Warm welcome to Gothenburg and thank you for your contribution! 

Read more about Move to Gothenburg here >>

Read more about International House here >>

Snölandskap med siffran 24
Photocredit: Mimmi Bodén

Platform for climate neutral construction

Gothenburg is growing like never before! Construction cranes are reaching for the sky in proud majesty, and we are making room for more companies and more people wanting to be part of what our city has to offer. And our future is sustainable! During the year, 75 construction and property companies joined Gothenburg's platform for climate-smart construction, and more are on the way. The ambition is to find innovative solutions for reuse and circular solutions in new and redevelopment. What was yesterday considered as waste is today an important resource. The goal for our city is to reduce CO2 emissions from construction and civil engineering projects under the city's auspices by 90% by 2030. The commitment we see from the region's construction and property companies will make a real difference.

Read more about the platform here >>

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