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We know Gothenburg is the best place to live in, to work in and to accelerate your business in. If you need the facts to support our word, check out the following pages, they are loaded with all the information you will need. From hard facts to true stories, from deep industry analysis to the latest news. 

81 %

real increase in GRP since 2000 (Statistics Sweden)

120,000 +

jobs by 2035 (Business Region Göteborg)

4 -8 mn

residents by 2050: efficient infrastructure, labour market expansion (Business Region Göteborg)

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Life science directory

Need insight to the companies and organisations in the Gothenburg region's life science sector?

If you need a partner or is just interested in getting to know the life science sector in our region we offer a full directory to the companies and organisations established here. 

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Gothenburg Magazine - for the first time in english! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gothenburg Magazine and the 400 anniversary of the city of Gothenburg we present this issue in english. The Gothenburg Magazine is produced and published annually by Business Region Göteborg in collaboration with The trade and industry group at Göteborg & Co. "Think again - new challenges, new opportunities" is this year's theme. After a long period in the shadow of the pandemic its time to look forward, to bring hope and seize the opportunities ahead, to rethink, redo and challenge old ways and old habits. Congratulations to Gothenburg and to Gothenburg Magazine, this anniversary edition is packed with inspiring stories and there are more to come for the coming 400 years!
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We are immensely proud to present the next company in our series Established in Gothenburg. Today we give you Netclean. A company leading the fight against spread of child sexual abuse material. Established back in 2003, Netclean combines world-leading technology with a deep understanding of how this material is disseminated online. With software to detect material on work computers and a solution for blocking child sexual abuse material on business mobile devices, they fight to make the future brighter for children. Innovation and collaboration at its best! For more info about the Gothenburg region, visit
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Did you know that Scandinavia’s largest port is located in Gothenburg, which is just one of the reasons the Gothenburg region is such a prominent logistics hub? Here are some of the reasons why the region is ranked as Sweden’s number one logistics location: Direct ocean freight services to 130 destinations, an effective rail freight system to other parts of Sweden and Norway, and access to leading competence within logistics. 

#logistics #research #development

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