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We know Gothenburg is the best place to live in, to work in and to accelerate your business in. If you need the facts to support our word, check out the following pages, they are loaded with all the information you will need. From hard facts to true stories, from deep industry analysis to the latest news. 

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Need insight to the companies and organisations in the Gothenburg region's life science sector?

If you need a partner or is just interested in getting to know the life science sector in our region we offer a full directory to the companies and organisations established here. 

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Welcome to the Gothenburg region
81 %

real increase in GRP since 2000 (Statistics Sweden)

120,000 +

jobs by 2035 (Business Region Göteborg)

4 -8 mn

residents by 2050: efficient infrastructure, labour market expansion (Business Region Göteborg)

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Gothenburg - 400 years and still innovative. With Roger Moore behind the wheel, the Volvo P1800 became world famous in the 60s TV series The Saint, responsible for the iconic car design was Pelle Petterson from Gothenburg. With his love for design combined with salty winds, Pelle Petterson is best known for designing sailing boats, not least the extremely popular Maxi boats, and various motorboats. More than 85,000 boats have been built according to Petterson's drawings, apart from boats he has also designed everything from lawnmowers to mopeds to roof boxes. And there is more, he also has medals from both the Olympics and World Cup in sailing and has been the driving force behind two of Sweden's America's Cup ventures.
Design, music and advertising from the Gothenburg region are gaining success worldwide. Designers are involved from an early stage of the business process and an integral part of industrial development. The creative climate in Gothenburg is vital and very central to the city's competitiveness and ability to attract talent. Culture not only has an intrinsic value in itself - a city embracing culture and creativity becomes an attractive city to stay in. Ask Pelle Petterson.
At Business Region Gothenburg, we are driven by the conviction that artists and creators play an important role in all kinds of innovation processes and we work actively to support the city's cultural and creative industries. More info: For more info about opportunities in the Gothenburg Region klick on link in bio
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Did you know that shipping and international trade have been integral for the Gothenburg region for over 400 years? Interest among foreign investors to run companies is great, and every fifth employee works in a foreign-owned company.
Companies in the region have a high export intensity and last year goods were exported for approximately SEK 218 billion, despite disturbances on the world market due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

#InvestInGothenburg #growth #import #exports #shipping #gothenburg

Photo: Port of Gothenburg

For over a year the island of Hamneskär has been world news. Why? Because Pater Noster, the king of lighthouses has been transformed into a place for guests seeking a home on the horizon. 

Awarded best hotel of the decade by The Telegraph, winning the Gold Keys Awards and being part of the goody bag for Oscar winners are only a few of the highligts of this windblown outpost of the archipelago.

Maybe you will meet Anthony Hopkins, Chloé Zhao or Frances McDormand at the suppertable?

Read more about Pater Noster and other interesting places you can experience in Gothenburg:

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