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We know Gothenburg is the best place to live in, to work in and to accelerate your business in. If you need the facts to support our word, check out the following pages, they are loaded with all the information you will need. From hard facts to true stories, from deep industry analysis to the latest news. 

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Life science directory

Need insight to the companies and organisations in the Gothenburg region's life science sector?

If you need a partner or is just interested in getting to know the life science sector in our region we offer a full directory to the companies and organisations established here. 

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Gothemburg Event District
Welcome to the Gothenburg region
81 %

real increase in GRP since 2000 (Statistics Sweden)

120,000 +

jobs by 2035 (Business Region Göteborg)

4 -8 mn

residents by 2050: efficient infrastructure, labour market expansion (Business Region Göteborg)

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The Yard – Next level tech innovations! 
In the wake of the industrial transformation and the increasingly strong economy in Gothenburg, there are enormous opportunities for tech companies to develop tomorrow’s solutions together with large, world-leading customers. More people are discovering this. Utilizing both interest and initiative will be crucial for our region. 

The Yard is a new area, located at the best possible place at Lindholmen, here we are making room for bright new ideas. Our plans for the future include a well-developed infrastructure, access to innovation support and financing in flexible premises. The cost level being reasonable will allow small start-ups, exciting scale-s and established companies to all fit in the same area, being able to share everything from facilities to ideas. 

Welcome to the Yard! 
#tech #ict #christmas #gothenburg #innovation #collaboration

Saltet – established a creative zone at Ringön! Ringön five years ago was a hidden and forgotten gem in Gothenburg. Old and ruff, only populated during the day and with a shady reputation. 

The Gothenburg 400 anniversary project “Saltet” saw the potential and has for the past five years worked to develop the area. safeguarding the old and ruff but also inviting the young and new, creating a perfect mix between industry and culture, with affordable rents and with a flourishing network. 

80 new companies has established a business here and the populated hours has increased. Now the work for “Saltet” has come to an end and there are handing over to the non-profit member organization “Ringöns nätverk”. Stay tuned for an interesting future for Ringön!.
#creative #ringön #kkn #christmas #gothenburg

Sweden’s industrial centre with competence beyond the ordinary!
The Gothenburg region’s importance as the industrial centre of Sweden continues to grow.

How does that work? 

Every fifth employee in a private company in the Gothenburg region are working in ICT and Business services and the proportion of engineers and scientists is significantly higher than in the rest of the country. In our region, 92 out of 1,000 employees have a background from natural sciences or engineering, compared with 60 in Stockholm region and 44 in Malmö region. 

“To get a job in the Gothenburg region requires more knowledge than in the rest of the country”, 
#competence #growth #knowledge #job #christmas #gothenburg

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