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Working together towards climate-neutral construction

Gothenburg's platform for climate-neutral construction is a collective effort of progressive construction and property companies working together with the city and the research community to reduce the industries' climate impact. A place where knowledge, connections, process management and collaboration make up the foundation for success.

  • 1 st

    most sustainable destination in the world (Global Destination Sustainability Index, 2023)

  • 2 nd

    best country for sustainable development (SDG index, 2023)

  • €100 bn

    to be invested in properties and infrastructure 2016-2035

Striving for climate-neutral construction: Ambitious goals for a near zero climate footprint

Sweden has set a target of achieving zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045, and the construction sector is committed to playing its part. Gothenburg City's Municipal Council has additionally set a goal for the city to have a near-zero climate footprint by 2030, making climate-neutral construction a crucial strategic focus area to meet this objective. In August of 2022 the Gothenburg Platform for Climate-Neutral Construction was formed for work towards these goals. A strategic initiative where the construction and property industries work together with the city and the research community to reduce the industries' climate impact. 


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A growing interest in sustainable urban development

Since the launch the platform has gained immense interest, with more companies continuously joining. Collaborations between Gothenburg city, construction companies and academia keep on generating new and innovative ideas and thought processes.

With a focus on sustainability, Gothenburg city is expanding and densifying. An estimated EUR 100 billion will be invested in property development and infrastructure between 2016 and 2035. The opportunities for investors and innovators in sustainable urban development are tremendous.

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Susan Runsten

There is an enormous commitment everywhere – the industry wants real change, the city wants real change, academia wants real change. And with the platform, Gothenburg is leading the way.

- Susan Runsten, Sustainability Process Manager at Business Region Göteborg

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The platform's goal

Around 130 dedicated companies in the construction and property industry have so far teamed up to find faster ways to make construction more sustainable and climate-neutral.

The platform's goal is to bring all the construction and property stakeholders together to collaborate on solutions for a faster shift towards climate-neutral construction and achieving the goal of having the climate footprint being close to zero by 2030. The City of Gothenburg along with the academic community are also part of this effort, addressing challenges from regulations to new materials.

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