SSPA Test facilities

SSPA Test facilities

SSPA Test facilities

WHAT: Five testbeds

- Towing tank – applications primarily concerning hull and propeller form optimisation for all kinds of ships or energy saving devices with respect to resistance/ propulsion. A database containing over 8,000 ship hull forms provides the basis for the result analysis.

- Cavitation tunnel – consist of three interchangeable measuring sections allowing high speed testing of propellers up to 23 m/s as well as large ship models of up to 10 meters in section number three. When performing cavitation studies for ships, the complete ship models can be installed in SSPAs cavitation tunnel, which provides a very good representation of the wake field.

- Maritime Dynamics Laboratory – a versatile facility for the research and development of seakeeping and manoeuvring behaviour of ships and other structures.

- Model manufacturing – facilities for designing, building and outfitting of models for all kinds of model tests

- Simulator - Simulations is an efficient tool for maritime infrastructure development projects. The output will directly support clients in their decisions of alternative layouts of ports, fairways and terminals. SSPA has decades of experience and records supporting clients world wide.

WHERE: SSPA, Chalmers Tvärgata 10, Gothenburg

PARTNERS: Chalmers University of Technology is the owner of SSPA Sweden AB.

ACCESSIBILITY: SSPA collaborates with universities, research organisations and companies.