Rain Gothenburg

Rain Gothenburg


WHAT: Gothenburg has set out a vision to embrace the water and that also includes taking care of rain and stormwater in a safe, sustainable, innovative and creative way. Robust solutions for rain and stormwater can make the city more pleasant and safe to live, to work and to stay in.

There is already a lot of knowledge and technology for handling rain and stormwater in Gothenburg. This knowledge is creatively developed on a long term basis with the vision to be the World's best city when it rains. By inviting and integrating artists, designers and engineers into projects we aim to create innovative and exciting solutions with a high value for both citizens and visitors in the City of Gothenburg as well as for other cities with similar challenges.

WHERE: Gothenburg

PARTNERS: City of Gothenburg, Business Region Göteborg

ACCESSIBILITY: Partnership - please contact us for further information

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