Pipe Centre

Pipe Centre

Pipe Centre

A meeting place for society, industry and academia where questions and problems concerning pipes and pipe systems are in focus. The centre offers a broad range of services: everything from testing, evaluation and help with certification, to problem solving and research and development related to materials and products and their usages in pipe systems.



ACCESSABILITY: Cooperates with Samarbetar med alla ifrån rör- och materialtillverkare, entreprenörer och ledningsägare till branschorganisationer, UoH och forsknings-finansiärer både nationellt och internationellt.

Benefit from the knowledge at Pipe Centre
Pipe Centre cooperates with a broad spectrum of pipe and material manufactures, contractors, network owners, sector associations, universities and research funders both national and international. Then centres vast experience and knowledge in this area lets them take part in a continuous dialog discussing and solving important issues. Work in standard committees and other regulating institutions both nationally and internationally gives the centre an exchange of knowledge and a continuous field update and natural contacts. Through Pipe Centre’s publications and the participation in field forums they reach out and share their knowledge. You are also welcome to be part of their knowledge and service.

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