Myfab - Nanofabrication Laboratory

Myfab - Nanofabrication Laboratory

WHAT: Myfab is the Swedish national research infrastructrue for micro and nano fabrication. Get connected and realize your next project in microtechnology and nanoscience. 

The Nanofabrication Laboratory is a world-class university cleanroom for research into and fabrication of micro and nano technology. The laboratory is run by the department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Chalmers, but is an open user facility for external as well as internal academic and industrial interests.

The Nanofabrication Laboratory offers three partnership options for commercial and academic interests: 
- Cleanroom Access
- Research Collaboration
- Processing, Prototypes &  Consultancy

WHERE: Gothenburg (Also Stockholm, Uppsala and Lund)

PARTNERS: Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University and Lund University


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Photo: Chalmers/Johan Bodell