Min Stad  (My city)

Min Stad (My city)

Min Stad (My city)

WHAT: Min Stad is a digital bulletin board where you can share your dreams, needs, and interests – a place where we welcome a lively and open debate. Min Stad is a unique service from the City of Gothenburg – an interactive map where you can create suggestions within various categories such as culture, recreation, cycling, socialising, and so on. You can even share a story about your favourite places in town. We hope that Min Stad will evoke creative discussion and debate regarding our civic potential.

WHERE: Website: minstad.goteborg.se

PARTNERS: Department of City Planning at the City of Gothenburg

FINANCING: City of Gothenburg

ACCESSIBILITY: Everything submitted in to Min Stad is used as inspiration for city planning work by the City of Gothenburg, helping us build a green and sustainable metropolis. Anyone can make a suggestion and submit into Min Stad.

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