Chalmers Smart Industry Lab

Chalmers Smart Industry Lab


WHAT: Four labs; one lab for virtual development, two for production systems and finally one for manufacturing processes. The aim of the Innovation Labs is to create a neutral arena where academia and industry can meet in a creative atmosphere.
One example of the state-of-the-art techniques you can find in our laboratories is the film presented above. What you see is a 3D Point Cloud Visualization of the Chalmers Campus, taking you from the Chalmers main entrance to the Virtual Development Laboratory. The technique used for this type of data capture is also applied for geometry assurance of production systems, e.g. to facilitate factory layout changes or to validate equipment installations.
Test your ideas virtually, perhaps in three dimensions, in our Virtual Development Laboratory. Then go next door to see if your simulation matches reality in the Production Systems Laboratory or the Materials Processing Laboratory.
In 2015 we opened a new facility which acts as a supplementary to the previous labs: Chalmers Smart Industry Lab at Campus Lindholmen. This one has focus on digitilized production systems and smart factories.

WHERE: Campus Lindholmen

PARTNERS: Chalmers and Industry partners


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