The Chalmers Power Central

The Chalmers Power Central

The Chalmers Power Central

WHAT: The Chalmers Power Central (CPC) is an advanced research facility focusing on carbon capture and biomass gasification. 

WHERE: Chalmers University of Technology

PARTNERS: E.ON, the SP Swedish Technical Research Institute, Valmet, Akademiska Hus, and Göteborg Energi: the list of external partners is long.


ACCESSIBILITY: The spirit of open collaboration at the CPC brings together researchers, industrial actors, and the public sector to contribute to a climate-neutral future.

Why does a university want to cooperate with the industry?

A major feature of Chalmers’s work is the close cooperation between industry/society and research. The work is carried out in collaboration with industrial partners or research institutions including major companies.

Project collaboration also takes place with Chalmers’s own research projects strengthening the relationship between their educational programs and applied research work.

The objectives for running projects in collaboration with industry are to:

- ensure educated and skilled people are available for industry and other organizations with regards to employment

- assist in industry taking optimal decisions for future investments

- assist industry in technological development

- analyze and assess future energy systems trends for public strategy developments

- strengthen the educational programs through exchange of experiences and linking applied research to educational programs

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