AstaZero testbed

WHAT: AstaZero is the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety. What is unique about the facility is that the different traffic environments make it possible to test advanced safety systems and their functions for all kinds of traffic and traffic situations. This enables research, development and certification of future road safety systems, and functions as an international arena open for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, legislators, universities and colleges from throughout the world. The name is a combination of ASTA Active Safety Test Area and Zero, which refers to the Swedish Parliament’s vision for road safety with zero dead and seriously injured in traffic.

WHERE: Testsite at Hällered, Borås and visiting address at Lindholmen Science Park

PARTNERS: AB Volvo, Volvo Car Corporation, Autoliv, Scania, The Swedish Transport Administration, Region Västra Götaland, City of Borås, Vinnova, Tillväxtverket and Test Site Sweden support AstaZero. AstaZero is owned by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Chalmers University of Technology.

FINANCING: EU (through the regional funds), Region Västra Götaland, Vinnova, Tillväxtverket and the City of Borås

ACCESSIBILITY: Open for all companies in the automotive industry that wish to test and/or develop their products within the safety field.

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