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Gothenburg's start-up tech ecosystem

Whether you are a young tech company or an investor, we can help you understand the region's start-up ecosystem. One of our goals is to help you recognize potential oppurtunities and make contact with the right companies or organizations to make your business venture a success.

The startup ecosystem in Gothenburg is made up of a variety of players, which we have grouped into the categories outlined below. 


Explore the coworking spaces in the region

Freelancer or in need of workspace? Consider coworking! Choose the ideal office setup—private office, dedicated desk, or flexible hot desk. Enjoy hassle-free amenities like coffee, Wi-Fi, and lunch, creating a vibrant space for your business amidst like-minded individuals. Here are some of the coworking spaces in the region:

Arkipelagen Business Center | A Working Lab | Convendum | Coronet | Entreprenörsgatan | Flora Workplace | International Workplace Grop | Leadwhale | Regus | SPACES | Stena Center | The Yard | United Spaces in Göteborg | Upper Wasa | Walborg Ventures | Vacant Business Centers | Yuncture


Education and research

Are you interested in pursuing education to prepare for a career in the fields of innovation and business? Alternatively, does your company seek to expand its knowledge about the ongoing research in the region? Numerous prestigious schools and research centers are situated within the area. 

AI Sweden | Chalmers | Göteborgs Universitet | IHM Business School | RISE | WASP



Events and arenas

Are you eager to expand your network while drawing inspiration from fascinating topics and diverse contexts? Your search ends here! We've curated a comprehensive list of events and gatherings in the region for you to explore. 

Gothenburg Tech-Calender | Go West | Gothenburg Tech Week | Lindholmen Software Development Day | Silicon Vikings | Venture cup | Business Region Calendar | Yesbox Calendar 


Connect with incubators and accelerators

Have a promising business idea? Need help growing your company or seeking collaboration opportunities? Incubators and accelerators provide low-cost or no-cost services, from business advice to networking opportunities. Validate your idea and check out:

Arenastart | Brewhouse | Chalmers Ventures | Founders Loft / Framtidens företag | GU Ventures | Innovatum | Mobility Xlab | Sahgrenska Science Park | Science Park Skövde | Yuncture | Younicon Studio



Find investors

Looking for support to launch your business or secure the right investor for your idea? Investors dedicate their time, money, and energy to enhance assets, revenue, and foster development in a company. Often, investors become partial owners, anticipating future returns on their investment. Explore opportunities with:

AP2 Hammarviken | Holtback Group | JCE Group | Jool Group | JPA Investment AB | Latour | Neudi och Co | MikrofondenNavigo Invest | AP6 | Stena Adactum | Stena Metall Group | Svolder | Sätila Holding AB | Vinn | Volvo Group Venture Capital | Volvo Tech Fund


Investment Banks

In need of funds to expand your business or acquire another company in your industry? Explore the expertise of investment banks specializing in securities trading and financial guidance.

Arctic Securities | Dunross & Co | Göteborg Corporate Finance



Elevate your company with open innovation environments

Thinking about taking your company to the next level? Open innovation environments provide collaborative opportunities for researchers, companies, and various stakeholders to boost competitiveness. By engaging in these spaces, companies not only leverage internal knowledge but also find inspiration and collaboration with external partners. Explore opportunities with:

Bio VentureHub | CampX | GoCo Health Innovation CityMobility Xlab | The Yard | YESBOX


Public organisations at your service

If you're an entrepreneur in need of support, various public organizations in the region offer a spectrum of services. Whether you seek business advice, company development assistance, or support in entering international markets, these entities are here to back you.

Almi | Business Region Göteborg | Business Sweden | FinansKompetensCentrum | Tillväxtverket | Vinnova | Västra Götalandsregionen


Picture of Life <science atoms

Science parks

Science parks are collaborative spaces where researchers, entrepreneurs, and public sector officials join forces to create diverse societal benefits. These parks provide a dynamic and thriving environment, fostering networking, development, and innovation.

Innovatum | Lindholmen Science Park | Sahlgrenska Science Park | Science Park Borås | Science Park Skövde


Venture capital

Venture capital, a potent financial investment, targets high-growth potential companies, especially in industries like biotechnology, information technology, software, and environmental technology. Venture capital investors not only provide financial support but actively engage in young companies, offering invaluable expertise during critical growth phases.

Abigo Medical | Albin Invest | Almi | Backstage Invest | Carl Bennet AB | Connect Sverige | Fore C Investment | FORMICA | Gavia | Geely Sweden Holding | GOKAP invest | Hammarviken | Innovations kapital | MSCA | KL Kapital | Layline AB | VÄTTERLEDENS invest AB | Wellstreet | Wood & HillYuncture

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