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The facade of Kuggen on Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

Testbed Gothenburg - the initiative

Gothenburg is on the threshold of the future. The city possesses huge reserves of innovative power, and investment plans in the region for a total of €100 billion. To capitalise on this unique situation, we will need to work together on a completely new level. That is the reason for establishing Testbed Gothenburg.

Testing the future together

Testbed Gothenburg is an initiative that enables trade and industry, academia, institutes, and the city to accelerate development, build knowledge, grow together, and take advantage of the region's innovative power.

Testbed Gothenburg encompasses the entire city: trade and industry, public bodies, academia, research institutes, and science parks. It was initiated by the City of Gothenburg through Business Region Göteborg, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Chalmers University of Technology, and the University of Gothenburg. Testbed Gothenburg provides a clear strategy for innovation and collaboration. The city is gearing up its capacity and ability for testing and freeing up resources to proactively address tomorrow's challenges.

This huge urban development process is a force for innovation and is something we are seeking to capitalise on. Through the Testbed Gothenburg initiative, the city is increasing its capacity and capabilities and is making its resources available so that we can develop sustainable solutions to address the societal challenges we are facing.
Maria Strömberg, Head of Clusters and Innovation at Business Region Göteborg

We are testing the future together.

The conditions we have here are unique. There is no other city that has the ambition to build on its capacity and ability in this direction. As a university, we have the task of contributing to sustainable social development, and collaboration is a fundamental requirement. We know that collaboration is a driving force in promoting and assuring quality in our research and education.
Fredrik Hörstedt, Head of the department for International Cooperation at Vinnova.
Logotypes of organisations and universities being part of testbed Gothenburg

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Maria Strömberg
Director Clusters & Innovation
Area of work: Cluster development Innovation Cleantech
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