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Fasad på Johanneberg science park
Testbeds available at Johanneberg Science park

What is a testbed?

A testbed is a platform. A place – physical or virtual – where scientific theories or new technologies can be tested. A testbed is a first-rate way of mitigating potential risks posed by your product or idea by verifying or refuting it early on in the process.

In Gothenburg, we believe that collaboration is key in developing something that will stand the test of time. On this site you will find out more about why using a testbed is an excellent idea when taking the next step. You can also see how many testbeds there are in the Gothenburg area, and how industry, the city, and academia are collaborating to achieve the best possible outcome.

We want to be proactive in shaping the future, and we believe this is the way forward. Join us and test your products and services using virtual reality, laboratories, simulated environments, or even out in the real world.

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Maria Strömberg
Director Cluster & Innovation
Area of work: Cluster development Innovation Cleantech
Area of concern: Management team Business development and financing