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Gothemburg Event District

Gothenburg Green City Zone

Testing the emission-free transport system of the future. Here and now.

Gothenburg Green City Zone is a zone where we test new technology for both vehicles and infrastructure with the aim of achieving emission-free transport by 2030. What is currently unfolding is the creation of an entirely new emission-free transport system. A system that will require a new state of mind, where we work along new lines, and pool our thoughts and ideas.

The exceptionally strong tradition and spirit of collaboration have defined Gothenburg over the years and have transformed the region into the foremost innovation region in Sweden. Companies, the research community, and the public sector have joined forces to test everything from new all-electric bus routes to ways in which we can live more sustainably in the future. Gothenburg has become a testbed where ideas have come to fruition, opening up more rapid and effective ways of making sustainable solutions of the future achievable. Collaboration and foresight have led to the emergence of Gothenburg Green City Zone.

Wireless Charging of taxi cars
Wireless Charging is one of the projects in Gothenburg Green City Zone

A zone of possibilities

Gothenburg and the rest of the world need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport and dependence on fossil fuels. To find solutions, Gothenburg Green City Zone will take lead in the transition and become emission-free by 2030.

What is currently unfolding is the creation of an entirely new emission-free transport system. A zone where we highlight new solutions, welcome innovation, and learn together. A test zone where business and industry have a key role to play.

Several players have already developed groundbreaking solutions for the future. We want to begin putting those solutions into effect.

Selected Areas

Gothenburg Green City Zone is initially comprised by the central parts of Gothenburg, from Lindholmen, via the Event District, to Forsåker in Mölndal. Areas where we generate potential for companies, societal stakeholders, and the research community to test, develop, and scale up their ideas. 

Bild på stadsdelen Lindholmen

The Event District

Forsåker in Mölndal

A full-scale test environment

We have created a full-scale test environment where we live test and develop the transport of the future. We test innovations, scale up proven solutions and look for ideas that don't exist yet. Several parallel projects and collaborations are currently underway, such as:

  • Wireless charging of taxis
  • Transition to electrified freight transport
  • Regional logistics hubs

Jonas Eriksson
Head of Gothenburg Green City Zone
Area of work: Sustainable urban development Transports Cooperations
Area of concern: Clusters and innovation
Maria Strömberg
Director Clusters & Innovation
Area of work: Cluster development Innovation Cleantech
Area of concern: Management team Clusters and innovation
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