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A fast growing region

Gothenburg is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. For many years, it has enjoyed strong growth both in terms of its population and economic activity. 

Growth in Gothenburg's labour market region since 2010

142 K


102 K

more employees

34 K


48 %

real increase in economic growth (gross regional product)

77 %

real total wage sum growth

77 %

real exports growth

An expanding labour market 

The population is increasing rapidly, while infrastructure investments are also expanding the labour market area. By 2030 Gothenburg's labour market area will encompass an estimated 1.8 million residents, compared with 1.4 million residents today. 

Illustration of Gothenburg's labour market

How Gothenburg is growing fast

Sjömanshustrun blickar ut vid Göteborgs inlopp

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