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One of our regions many advantages is the availability of competence, of expertise and networks. The region is growing when more and more people choose to live here, but we are making room for more - join us and become part of something bigger! 

Gothenburg is ranked as the second smartest city in the world (Future Today Institute, 2019). And we also reach high in comparison with European cities when it comes to human capital and lifestyle. And we are not surprised, our people are the best in the world and they all contribute to making our region a great place to live and work.

The population in the region is relatively young and more well-educated than the national average, and access to academic education and world-class companies contributes to making the region more attractive. In the Gothenburg region we have two large universities with a total of about 67 000 students and within our labour-market region we can add another two universities. 

Göteborgs Universitet huvudbyggnad med lejon

University of Gothenburg

The University has almost 50 000 students. It dates back to 1891 and consists of eight faculties. The have a large number of research and centres of expertise that span across several academic disciplines. 

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Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers has about 10 000 students and offers education in engineering, science, shipping and architecture. Through technical solutions, global commitment and entrepreneurship they have their set on a sustainable world. 

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The Gothenburg region is an innovation leader in Europe and our companies and universities are world-leading in numerous areas. Why, because of the people! Thoughout our history we have developed a entrepreneurial, innovative and flexible workforce, from the trading days centuries ago, via a period of prosperous shipbuilding to the advanced, highly digitalised industrial development we see today.

Many successful ocmpanies conduct research and development here, due to the competent workforce but also because of another of our strengths, the collaborative spirit.

67 k

university students

2 nd

World's smartest city (Future Today Institute, 2019)

1.4 m

residents in the Gothenburg's labour market region

We are always looking for new talents, our business environment is flourishing and we have had a strong job growth over a long period. The areas of ICT, automotive, life science and construction always have room for skilled workers. If you are on the move, check us out! We have an organisation set up to guide you all the way and also an International House to support you when established in Gothenburg. 

Why live in Gothenburg?

Here are some reasons why Gothenburg is a great place to live!

Göteborg Stenpiren, par vid kajen

Move to Gothenburg

Move to Gothenburg will guide you all the way when you embark on your international journey. All the information you need for moving here, for setting up you life and what it is like to live here. Welcome to Gothenburg!

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International House

A meeting place for international talents, designed to offer activities, services and guidance for an easy integration into Swedish society. All in one place!

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International House Gothenburg

We are here to help

If you are considering establishing, expanding or innovating in the region, our industry experts can provide you with information, contacts and advice. Contact us today.

Henrik Einarsson
Director of Business Establishment and Investment
Area of work: Establishment Business climate Regional development
Area of concern: Management team Establish and invest
Maria Strömberg
Director Clusters & Innovation
Area of work: Cluster development Innovation Cleantech
Area of concern: Management team Clusters and innovation