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Successful collaboration requires meeting places and ways of bringing the right players together. We are the experts in Gothenburg. Join us and become part of something bigger!

The unique spirit of collaboration between business, academia, and the public sector has become one of the Gothenburg region's unique selling points, and there is a long tradition of different organisations collaborating to address different challenges. Here you will find testbeds, science parks, innovation laboratories, networks, and meeting places that allow people with knowledge and expertise in different areas to meet and develop.

Our collective knowledge of the ways in which cooperation has evolved in the region over the years has also facilitated a number of large-scale collaborative ventures where the entire urban space functions as a test arena or demonstration environment for new solutions and innovations and with the active involvement of the local population and visitors.

We welcome companies from all over the world to participate in a unique collaborative environment and create innovative solutions for current and future challenges, both in Gothenburg and elsewhere. Join us and become part of something bigger!

We are here to help

If you are considering establishing, expanding or innovating in the region, our local experts can provide you with information, contacts and advice. Contact us today.

Henrik Einarsson
Director of Business Establishment and Investment
Area of work: Establishment Business climate Regional development
Area of concern: Management team Establish and invest
Maria Strömberg
Director Clusters & Innovation
Area of work: Cluster development Innovation Cleantech
Area of concern: Management team Clusters and innovation