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Advantage Gothenburg

An Innovation Powerhouse, a sustainability frontrunner and one of Europe’s fastest growing regions. Get to know the advantages of our region. 

More advantages with the Gothenburg region

Gothenburg is key hub for Swedish R&D, and in the midst of a large urban development project and a leading logistics hub. Find out more.


Perfectly positioned in the center of Scandinavia, with seamless connections by sea, land and air, Gothenburg is an attractive location for doing business.

More about the logistical advantage

A fast growing region

Gothenburg is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. For many years we have enjoyed strong growth both in terms of population and economic activity. 

More about our fast growing region

Many different testbeds

Use a testbed and reduce risk and up-front investments as innovation can be verified and validated early in the development process. Gothenburg offers a series of testbeds where you can test your product or service before starting a full-scale investment.

More about the advantage of using a testbed

The entrepreneurial advantage

Gothenburg is an entrepreneurial city with endless possibilities for innovators and entrepreneurs to develop ideas, test concepts and find successful collaboration oopportunities. Here you find a supportive ecosystem with business incubators, accelerators, science parks and testbeds.

More about the entrepreneurial advantage

The R&D advantage

Gothenburg is a leading research region. Here you will find large knowledge-intensive companies and close collaboration between the private, public and academic sectors. About 1/3 for Sweden's total R&D investments within private sector is made here.

More about the R&D advantage

Excellent Science parks

Gothenburg proudly presents our three science parks, important components of the region's innovation ecosystem. They offer cooperation-friendly environment for the following areas: transport, ICT, media, life science and urban development

More about our Science parks

Start-up ecosystem

Everything begins with an idea, if you have one this is the place to be. Gothenburg's ecosystem for start-ups got you covered. 

More about the Start-up ecosystem

best country in the world for sustainable development. (SDG index 2020)

2 nd

most innovative country in the world. (WIPO, Cornell University and INSEAD 2020)

33 %

of Sweden's total R&D investment in private sector take place in Gothenburg Region (Statistics Sweden 2020)

Sjömanshustrun blickar ut vid Göteborgs inlopp

Self service database

When we list our advantages we have hard facts to lean on.

Many of these facts can be found in our Explore Gothenburg database. Browse around and see for yourself, the demographics, the business structure and much more. 

Explore Gothenburg


Establish and invest
Employment growth in the Gothenburg region has been strong since the financial crisis, with knowledge-intensive jobs growing rapid...
12 September 2023
Engineer working at the Revere testbed in Gothenburg
Bred samverkan ligger bakom starten av testbädden SEEL. Från vänster: Bo Andrén, Scania, Ulrika Toftevik, CEVT, Henrik Svenningstorp, SEEL, Martin Nilsson Jacobi, Chalmers, Ebba Busch, energi- och näringsminister, Pia Sandvik, RISE, Anders Bell, Volvo Cars och Martin Lundstedt, Volvo Group.
Establish and invest
4 September 2023
Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg
Establish and invest
26 June 2023

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