31 October 2018

New tech addition strengthens Indian presence in Gothenburg

With L&T Technology Services' new digital engineering centre in Lindholmen Science Park, three leading Indian IT and tech companies have established operations in the Gothenburg region.

“That so many companies from one of the world’s most advanced IT countries choose to set up here illustrates the region’s attractiveness,” says Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager ICT at Business Region Göteborg.

A few years ago, Indian company Tech Mahindra secured a large contract for IT-infrastructure and global service support with Volvo Cars and built a large office in Torslanda. Then followed the Indian consulting giant HCL, who after it took over large parts of the Volvo Group’s IT business, established a delivery centre in central Gothenburg. On 30 October 2018 L&T Technology Services inaugurated its new centre at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg.  


A large multinational corporation

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is one of India’s largest multinational companies and was founded in 1938 in Mumbai by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro. The company’s business areas include engineering, construction, information technology and financial services.

The subsidiary L&T Technology Services, which opened the office in Lindholmen Science Park, offers design, development and testing services of industrial products, medical devices, transportation, vehicles, airline, telecom and process industries.

The company has been involved in the Nordic region for more than a decade through strategic partnerships, with for example, Scania. And following a number of deals with customers including in Gothenburg’s auto cluster, the company is now increasing its presence in the region with the new technology centre.  

“Gothenburg has one of Europe's leading automotive clusters with headquarters to some key automotive and technology companies such as Volvo Cars, CEVT, Volvo Group, Ericsson, SKF, AstraZeneca, Zenuity and ESAB,” says Gaurav Gupta, Chief Business Officer, L&T Technology Services.


Big potential in the Gothenburg region     

Gaurav Gupta also highlights the open collaborative environment between companies, start-ups, academia and other partners in the region and says that in Gothenburg there are exciting opportunities to work with leading players.  

“We see tremendous potential in the Gothenburg region due to its strong industrial ecosystems in many business segments and we intend to expand and broaden our presence here. L&T Technology Services is a global organization that believes in incubating technologies locally and leveraging the huge engineering talent available in India and the ability for scalability,” says Gaurav Gupta.

Currently, L&T Technology Services has more than 50 employees in Gothenburg. Given the strong demand for its services, this figure is expected to grow rapidly.


Erik Behm
Erik Behm, area and investment manager at Business Region Göteborg


Underlying need for system developers and IT competence

Erik Behm at Business Region Göteborg is positive to L&T Technology Services’ investment in Gothenburg. He explains that India is an IT nation that is developing quickly and its IT and technology companies are advanced global partners.

“We have a great need for system developers and IT skills – and this need won’t decrease. In addition, Gothenburg companies like Volvo, Ericsson and AstraZeneca operate on global and extremely competitive markets. They must have the best suppliers.”

The region already has many IT and service consultants who play an important role, especially in the automotive and IT sectors. What can L&T contribute that isn’t already available?

“Global players like L&T Technology Services bring with them valuable experience from other areas, which will be a good complement to our existing cluster. That’s why this type of establishment is good for the region overall,” says Erik Behm.  

What does the establishment say about the Gothenburg region’s attractiveness?   

“Here we have fantastic breadth and globally successful strength areas. And it’s not only the automotive cluster and life science, but even antenna, microwave, space and security. We also have leading companies across many sectors. Parallel to this we have two universities that conduct qualitative research and education and we see close cooperation between academia and the private and public sectors.”

Another important asset is Lindholmen Science Park, explains Erik Behm.

“Lindholmen Science Park plays a very important role for the region and every new global company strengthens all of West Sweden. Strong clusters are important for innovation.”

Tord Hermansson, CEO at Lindholmen Science Park is glad to see L&T’s logo in the area.

“Lindholmen Science Park welcomes L&T Technology Services to the most dynamic and inspiring innovation arena in Sweden for developing the future of mobility. We look forward to a constructive exchange of knowledge, culture and cooperation.”

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