How we can help

How we can help

Establish, grow and innovate in Gothenburg

Business Region Göteborg is a non-profit company, owned by the City of Gothenburg, that works to strengthen and develop trade and industry in the Gothenburg region. You can consider our offering as a four-step process. You might choose to take one step at a time, or to pick and choose what suits your needs. Everything starts, of course, with you and your company’s business, and the plans you have.

Knowledge is power

In order to succeed you need to build an understanding of the conditions. If you are considering investing or expanding in the region, we can provide you with objective analyses of the business environment in the Gothenburg region, giving you the information you need to make a well-informed decision. We support you with business intelligence and tailor our information and advice to suit you and only you. We can even help you organise a customised visit programme.

Put your trust in the right advisor

This step is all about putting your operations under the microscope. In order to succeed, you need both courage and a good sounding board. Among other things, we can offer a custom-built growth programme, and give you access to our network of specialists in various fields. Here, we also work with confidential advisory services for you who plans to invest in or establish operations in the Gothenburg region.

Make valuable contacts

The right business partnerships are invaluable. We open the door to partnerships with other companies and organisations. We can be your path towards collaborations with world-leading research and product development within numerous areas. And we can also help if you hope to use the city as a test arena. In addition, we are part owners in a multitude of organisations and science parks. We also have established entry points after our many years as a key player in Gothenburg’s business community.

Join the right network or testbed

We can also be your ticket to networks, testbeds and industry organisations. In this step, we strive to make sure you find your place. We organise seminars, discussions with politicians and workshops, and much more. We arrange several meeting places and are more than happy to guide you towards exchanges that can be the most beneficial for your operations. This might even be your starting point. Begin by contacting us.

Business Region Göteborg has been a catalyst in the Gothenburg region's business community since 1977.